Why Is Childrens Bedroom Wall Stickers Uk So Famous?

Baby Room Wall Stickers Uk #7914 - childrens bedroom wall stickers uk - childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Baby Room Wall Stickers Uk #7914 – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Why Is Childrens Bedroom Wall Stickers Uk So Famous?

Here are the few Baptist accessories we acquire located.

Happi Baby Scroll Tree Branch Wall Stickers, Girls Wall Stickers .. - childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Happi Baby Scroll Tree Branch Wall Stickers, Girls Wall Stickers .. – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk



Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes (Alabama)Provides homes for accouchement and boyhood at campuses in Decatur and Mobile, and at accumulation homes in Mobile, Dothan, Gardendale, Oxford and Alabaster.

Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home (New Mexico)The accouchement are from burst homes with a distinct ancestor who is financially destitute, or because of anemic or non-existent relationships with parents or footfall parents. They all charge security, nurturing, guidance, and aegis as they appear academy and abbey to adapt for amenable adulthood.

All the King’s Horses Children’s Agronomical (Benson, Arizona)A abode breadth kids can be placed who charge a Christian home and a admiring Christian environment. Approaching affairs are to acquire a academy and some added things also. Adapted now they charge architecture workers and abode parents. See web armpit for details.

Alpha Christian Children’s Home (Perry, Kansas)We lath a stable, Christian ancestors home and academy for accouchement who are abused, neglected, orphaned, troubled, or poor; and those from abortive families. Volunteers welcome: Construction, Teaching, Landscape, Professionals, Appointment Help, Mechanics, Clear Arts, Job Skills, and Etc.

Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes (Arkansas)Providing advice to accouchement and families in charge through a statewide absolute affairs of casework utilizing Christian benevolence and able skills. Boy’s ranch. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Baptist Children’s Homes of Arctic Carolina (North Carolina)Residential Casework are provided at the four campuses of Baptist Children’s Homes, in community-based accumulation homes, and at a wilderness afflicted for boys. A array of adjustment and blockage casework are accessible to accommodated the needs of the alone adolescent and/or family. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Bellewood Presbyterian Homes for Accouchement (Kentucky)We serve the needs of accouchement of both sexes, age-old from 10 years and over, and families in Bowling Green, Lexington and Louisville, accouterment a safe anchorage and an befalling for a bigger life.

Bethel Bible Apple Children’s Home (Hixson, Tennessee)We are a mission operating seven residences on one campus caring for accouchement whose families are clumsy or abashed to affliction for them. Christian houseparent couples alive full-time in a abode with 8 children. Volunteers can advice with carpentry, electrical, plumbing, accustomed maintence, grass cutting, appointment help.

Blue Abundance Children’s Home (Blue Mountain, Mississippi)A home for troubled, abused, and alone children. We are actuality to help, teach, train, and adulation affliction accouchement to abound in mind, anatomy and spirit. We accordance anniversary adolescent a home, assuming them our adulation and, best important, God’s love. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire.

Boles Children’s Home (Quinlan, Texas)Residential affliction in a licensed, calm atmosphere for accouchement and single-parent families. It is Best accouchement are amid 10 and 17, placed actuality because their ancestors is clumsy to lath for them. Christian couples are bare to serve as abode parents in cottages with up to eight children. Training provided.

Buckner All-embracing (Dallas, Texas)Provides residential programs for at-risk accouchement and families; concise missions opportunities to serve orphans in added than nine countries about the world; abbey collaborations; adolescent mentorships; beforehand affliction and accepting programs domestically and internationally. Children’s summer afflicted attorneys recruited from colleges and universities. Baptist affiliation.

Children’s Foundation of Mid-AmericaVolunteer opportunities in accumulation homes in Kansas and western Missouri. (Presbyterian Children’s Services)

Care4Kids (Missouri)

Children’s Foundation of Mid-America Presbyterian Children’s Casework (Missouri)Adolescent accouchement acquisition a gentle, admiring ambiance breadth they apperceive bodies absolutely affliction about them. Volunteers accustomed to inquire. Farmington Children’s Home, Midwest Acquirements Center, Regional Girls’ Shelter, Stubbins Ancestors Boyhood Center.

Christian Heritage Children’s Home (Nebraska)We assignment with abused, alone and alone accouchement and boyhood in homes amid in axial and eastern Nebraska. We are consistently adorable for couples and individuals who acquire a amore for accouchement and appetite to serve the Lord by alive with youth.

Covenant Association Casework (California, Tanzania)We are a multi-faceted admiral to abused and alone children, accouterment capricious apartment for aloft beforehand boyhood in California, and beforehand affliction in Tanzania and California. We additionally recruit, alternation and accredit beforehand families to lath safe, abiding and admiring homes for accouchement to beforehand and abound in God’s adulation and grace.

Covenant Abode (USA, Canada, Latin America)The bigger privately-funded adolescent affliction bureau in the United States accouterment apartment and account to alone and delinquent boyhood in abounding locations in the USA and Canada (see locations here). Additionally Covenant Abode Crisis Shelters and Rights of Passage Programs. Accessories in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. (Roman All-embracing affiliation)

The Crossnor Academy (North Carolina, USA)We’re “a private, non-profit children’s home and academy in the western Arctic Carolina mountains, confined accouchement who, for affairs aloft their control, can no best alive at home,” because of corruption or carelessness to the point that their able-bodied actuality is threatened.

Eagle Agronomical (Flower Branch, Georgia)A Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in charge of achievement and healing. We accompany ancestors apology and reunification. Abode parents acquire no added than seven accouchement per home, accepting for focused absorption for anniversary child. Volunteers who can advice with prayer, cooking, cleaning, tutoring, and landscaping, amuse inquire.

Escuela Caribe (American run, in Dominican Republic)Rear round, absolutely accustomed Christian ameliorative boarding academy for aerial academy students. We acquire all our accepting will abound and beforehand spiritually, socially, emotionally, educationally, and physically. We activity what added American placements cannot: atmosphere, adeptness shock, and distance. Our mission is to abetment parents whose accouchement acquire aerial abeyant but are underachievers.

Florida Baptist Children’s Home (Miami, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Pensacola)Safe homes for boys and girls who acquire been neglected, misdirected, abandoned, abused, or bent up in ancestors turmoil. They get medical care, able clothes, education, counseling, lots of love, attention, and a absolute lifestyle. Best important, we advise them about Jesus Christ. Volunteers may inquire.

French Afflicted Academy (French Camp, Mississippi)A Christian Academy and home for adolescent bodies who appear from burst families and/or instable families. We live, assignment and abstraction in a residential ambience aural 780 acreage of backwoods land. Volunteers with abilities in quilting, horseback riding, Bible study, landscaping, athletics, tutoring, carpentry, etc., are accustomed to apply.

Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes (Georgia)Twelve locations: residential care, campuses. We are the bigger distinct provider of residential casework to abused, neglected, and afflicted accouchement in Georgia.

Goodland Presbyterian Children’s Home (Oklahoma)Supervised, residential affliction for boys, ages 6-18 years. Boys who alive actuality appear abbey casework anniversary anniversary in assorted Presbyterian churches about the area, and participate in account Bible abstraction and adoration casework on the campus. Affiliated with Presbyterian Churches. Abbey assignment groups welcomed.

Hannah Abode (Niagara Falls, NY)Ministry to the bottomward and out, the poor, and to beggared children. Soup kitchen. Also, children’s homes in Africa, India, and Pakistan.

Happy Acropolis Acreage (Granbury, Texas)Serves troubled, affliction accouchement with a ample ambit of behavioral and bookish problems, accouchement who are experiencing affecting instability, generally due to ancestors trauma. Some are from backgrounds of corruption and neglect. All live, work, and abstraction in a year-round, residential school/farm setting. On-line video.

Heritage Mission (Huntertown, Indiana)A Christian boarding academy for accouchement who acquire been afar from their families. We appear accouchement with abounding instruction, and administrate to the accomplished child, acceptable physical, academic, and airy needs. Opportunities for “Nannies” to help.

High Plains Children’s Home (Amarillo, Texas)Committed to the physical, affecting and airy bloom of society’s boyhood who are orphaned, outcast, homeless, alone or contrarily taken advantage of. The Home nurtures in anniversary adolescent an ambiance of love, security, productivity, amusing adeptness and assurance in God.

His Abode Children’s Home (Miami, Florida)We activity advice and achievement to accouchement and families in crisis by accouterment residential casework for children, bairn to ten years of age, who acquire been abused, alone or alone and accouchement whose parents are in crisis. Cottages are staffed with abode parents with acknowledging caregivers. Volunteers consistently accustomed in inquire.

Joy Agronomical Home for Accouchement (Hillsville, Virginia)Providing a safe, secure, and Christian anchorage for accouchement in ache situations. Our residential affairs for ages 5-17 uses an all-embracing access which includes Reality Therapy, Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy, and Psycho-Social Theory. We assignment to accompany accompaniment and wellness to the adolescent and his or her family.

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls (Chicago, Illinois)An open, abiding residential home for afflicted youth. Three campuses activity residential affliction to boys and girls from 11 to 21. Eight programs activity the anatomy and adeptness to assignment through affecting difficulties and the befalling to achieve bookish success. Beforehand opportunities. (Roman Catholic)

New Horizons Academy (Marion, Indiana)A year-round Christian ameliorative boarding academy accountant by the Accompaniment of Indiana. Balmy accepting in a admiring ambience stimulates students’ beforehand and maturity. Accepting apprentice the bulk of appearance and candor while adeptness acute bookish training, claimed counseling and Christian teaching.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Casework (Austin, Duncanville, Itasca, San Antonio, and Waxahachie, Texas)19 accumulation homes serve 130 accouchement with accomplished professionals and abutment staff. We beforehand a adorning ambiance breadth accouchement can apprentice and convenance absolute behaviors and advantageous ancestors relationships. There is airy guidance, prayer, Bible study, accordance in adoration and congregational life.

Presbyterian Children’s ServicesMany casework for accouchement in assorted altitude and with assorted needs.

Southern Christian Home (Morrilton, Arkansas)Affiliated with Abbey of Christ.

St. Joseph’s Abode (Cincinnati, Ohio)Provides a assorted continuum of affliction through certified brainy bloom programs, accountant residential affliction and association abutment services. Some paid openings for brainy bloom workers, case managers – more.

Stubbins Memorial Regional Ancestors & Boyhood Centermost (Central Missouri)12 – 18 year old males and females acquisition a gentle, admiring ambiance at this accumulation home, breadth they apperceive bodies absolutely affliction about them. Acquaintance Jim Ford at 314-989-9727. (Presbyterian Children’s Services)

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes (Tennessee)Through this program, six to eight accouchement alive calm as an active, giving ancestors assemblage in campus cottages with a affiliated brace who serve as houseparents. Accessories in Brentwood, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Millington. Beforehand opportunities to advice accouchement who acquire been alone or abused achieve a new start.

The Baptist Children’s VillageSeveral accessories in Mississippi for accouchement beneath 18.

The Adroitness Home for Alone and Beggared Accouchement (Tucson, Arizona)The alone non-government adjourned home for accouchement in AZ. Our’s is absolutely a home abounding with God’s love. We are all volunteers, and are currently adorable for houseparents to alive with and adulation our children. A big heart, an application, and accomplishments approval are required. Allotment of The Giving Tree Beat Program.

The Tipton Home (Tipton, Oklahoma)WE acquire a continued and appreciative history of adopting accouchement in a loving, caring, Christian environment. We acquire been demography affliction of kids for over 75 years. Children, 5 through 18, abide in cottages with houseparents who strive to accommodated their needs and lath a admiring home. (Affiliated with Abbey of Christ)

Thornwell Home and Academy for Accouchement (Clinton, South Carolina)A 130 year old residential adeptness confined accouchement ages 2-18 who are in out of home adjustment due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment. We use the Teaching Ancestors Archetypal of adolescent care, a humane, nurturing, and able affairs for alive with affliction children. Volunteers from the bounded breadth are accustomed to inquire.

Treutlen Abode (Rincon, Georgia)”A community-based, all-comprehensive admiral for accouchement and families who are ambidextrous with claimed crisis and are gluttonous abetment to beforehand their accustomed situation.”

Wears Valley Agronomical (East Tennessee)A Christian children’s home and academy that provides the Actuality of Jesus Christ, solid Bible teaching, an abounding apprenticeship and the actual adulation of anxiously alleged abode parents to admirable adolescent bodies from crisis ancestors situations.

Westview Boys’ Home (Hollis, Oklahoma)We activity boys a rural ambiance in which they can grow, live, apprentice and be loved. Our advanced accessible spaces accessible the eyes of beggared accouchement to amaranthine opportunities. Boys 6 through 18 alive in cottages, two to a room. (Affiliated with the Abbey of Christ)

York Abode (York, South Carolina)The Episcopal Abbey Home for Accouchement Residential Analysis Adeptness serves accouchement and adolescents who are “most in need”. There are abounding opportunities for volunteers to advice the accouchement at York Place.


___________________________________________________________________________________A Approaching and a Achievement (Nakuru, Kenya)A home for orphaned girls who are able-bodied cared for and acquire acceptable clandestine academy education, food, clothing, shelter, and amalgamation into a loving, Christian family. Interns and added volunteers may appear and apprehend to do annihilation from cleaning, cooking, construction, and visits with affliction peoples in the community.

Abang Ashu Academy of Cameroon (Mamfe,Cameroon)Among added ministries, we lath educational, medical and comestible abutment to orphans and widows We acceptable inquiries from volunteers to advice with drop identification and support, bible teaching, and home visits.

Abba Father’s Abode (Jinja, Uganda)An abode / children’s centre beneath architecture in Uganda’s added bigger city, creating homes for disadvantaged children, abnormally orphans, to accordance them achievement and to animate them to accessory advanced to the approaching and put their assurance in Jesus Christ. Volunteers can advice with architecture and alive with children.

Abba Abode (Entebbe, Uganda)We are caring for 30 accouchement and growing. We’re application the abode archetypal in which 12 -15 accouchement and 2 added caregiver/mother’s abide in a home. We can use volunteers for construction, agronomics abilities and armamentarium adopting for sponsorship.

ABEI Disabled Accouchement (Quito, Ecuador)Caring for about twenty bristles bedridden boys and girls age-old 1 – 10 years. Their disabilities lath bookish palsy, Down’s Syndrome and academician accident due to oxygen denial at birth. Volunteers apprenticed to inquire. Affiliated with Beat International

Action Africa Association (Uganda) (email abode – no web site)We acquire opened a primary academy with over 200 orphans. One pastor has offered his abode and 30 accouchement abide with him. HIV/AIDS is the capital account of afterlife for bodies with abounding wives. They leave abounding accouchement behind. Volunteers are welcome: education, health, construction, agronomics etc.

Adullam Educational Academy (Mysore D.T., S. India)We lath social, economical, educational and bloom sectors amid the barbarian tribals and dalits. We acquire a home for orphans and bankrupt girls and boys, including those who were affirmed adolescent laborers. We charge volunteers, who can advice accouchement in their academy assignments: homework, math, science, music, sports, swimming, etc.

Adullam Abode (Obuasi, Ghana)Nearly 100 children, best Ghanian and some Liberian, from bearing to 16 years. We lath schooling, medical, acceptable diet and a admiring home. Occult activities are aggressive in this area; this is not for the fainthearted nor for those who don’t apperceive their airy authority. Adoration and abnegation is regular. A abounding acquirements acquaintance for those with a amore to see accouchement adored physically and spiritually.

African Adolescent Foundation (Katebo Village, Kampala, Uganda)We acquire that bounded communities are in the best position to actuate their own needs, and we lath volunteers to advice them achieve their goals. We charge Agents and assistants, construction, aliment volunteers. Furnished allowance and commons provided.

Africa Greater Activity Mission (Bulabakulu Accouchement Village) (Kampala, Uganda)Come assignment with us to empower bankrupt women and accouchement by accouterment spiritual, physical, and abstruse apprenticeship behindhand of amusing or religious background. Christians with advantageous abilities are accustomed to inquire, including teachers, doctors, nurses, cooks, builders, home makers, computer trainers, etc.

African Drop Beat (Kambiri, Kenya)

Agape – Russia”Russia is abounding with Orphanages…” About all are government operated, but this alignment enters these schools and orphanages, to advice accouchement with vitamins, academy supplies, and medical consultations for their problems.

Agape Accouchement Centermost (Bangalore, India)We aim to lath apartment for rag pickers and orphaned artery accouchement amid 5 and 12 years of age, demonstrating and auspicious amusing abilities and hygiene, and enabling them to bathe, rest, play, and ablution their clothing. At present time, 18 girls and 17 boys are cared for in our two abstracted centers.

Agape Children’s Home (Chandel Commune of Manipur, India)A registered alms which supports accouchement in arctic east India accouterment aid and education. The alms is adorable to authorize a able abject in the Manipur arena of India and aggrandize to advice added accouchement in need. Volunteers acceptable to inquire.

Agape Home (Chiang Mai, Thailand)We appearance the adulation of Christ by accouterment a admiring home for orphaned and alone babies and accouchement with or at accident of HIV/AIDS, and auspicious association affliction for them. We seek for beforehand affliction givers who are at atomic 20 years old and accommodating to achieve to serve 6 months or more.

Agape All-embracing (Hyderabad, India)We achieve children’s homes for AIDS-affected and adulterated orphans. We acceptable abbreviate appellation and best appellation volunteers to advice us. Because of the stigma of AIDS we additionally run our own English average school, for which we are gluttonous agents for continued appellation commitments.

Agathos Foundation (Southern Africa)Seeks to empower Southern Africa’s AIDS orphans and age-old to achieve healthy, prosperous, and accomplishing lives, by accouterment for physical, emotional, and airy needs analytical to their advancement.

Agua Viva Children’s Home (Chimaltenango, Guatemala)Founded afterwards the big convulsion in 1976, we currently abode 80 children. Our ambition is to rear and brainwash the accouchement in a admiring Christian ambiance to be successful, Christian adults with the admiration and adeptness to advice their own people. Volunteers accustomed to inquire: we advice adapt abbey teams to appointment us.

AIDS, Orphans and Artery Accouchement (Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, added nations)By the end of the decade, it would booty 80,000 orphanages that authority 500 accouchement anniversary aloof to abode the accouchement orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa alone. Accomplished villages are fabricated up of accouchement and the very, actual old due to the afterlife from AIDS of all the ancestors adults. Teen Missions and AOSC acquire seven bases in sub-Saharan Africa breadth the AIDS catching is the best severe. Abounding bureau to help.

AIM for Apology of Achievement (Uganda)We are a pro-life admiral whose mission is to calibration up the acknowledgment of bodies to the needs of orphans in Uganda, and to abate through spiritual, health, and socio-economic abetment the needs of accouchement who acquire been orphaned as aftereffect of HIV/AIDS.

Albergue Martina – Discontinued. See Mission to the Accouchement (Moca, Dominican Republic)

Allow the Accouchement (Service in Nepal)Provides both basal activity needs and airy aliment in adjustment that the accouchement will become activating agents of God, who will eventually adeptness others with the Acceptable News. Admiral ally in Nepal lath 4 children’s homes and about 200 accouchement with their caregivers.

Aloha Abode Abode (Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines)We are architecture an orphanage! The agents is accomplished and we are administering the admiral with a abounding team. We acquire a abounding nursery and the charge actuality is abounding for the alone and surrendered accouchement of Palawan.

Alon Kibbutz (Limpopo Province, South Africa)A Activity Enriching experience! Christian Kibbutz amid on a admirable acreage breadth volunteers can absorb themselves: orphanage, teaching in Christian school, Arts , Crafts, Accouterment in Restaurants, Farming, Horticulture, Carpentry, Metalwork, Motor Mechanics, Secretarial, etc. Any abilities acceptable – there are assorted departments to lath you.

Alpha Orphan’s Academy (Suna – Migori, Kenya)We accordance accouchement a admiring home atmosphere, a abode to alleviate from the past, and an befalling to accretion a beginning alpha in life. The accouchement are able-bodied fed and clothed, and their health, amusing and airy abundance is tended to. There is a nursery and primary school. We charge volunteers to advise and advice us build.

Amani Babyish Cottage (Jinja, Uganda)Amani bureau “peace” in Swahili. We are home to about 50 orphaned and alone children, ages bairn to 4 years. Volunteers are welcomed, abbreviate or long-term. Alone abilities are admiring God and admiring children. We’ve had abounding volunteers, all who acquire had absolute experiences.

Amazing Adroitness Children’s Home (Awasi, Kenya)An Anglican abode on 5 acres, alive with AIDS orphans. Accessories to abode and augment 100 children. Volunteers are acceptable if they acquire acquaintance with accouchement or medical – bloom affliction experience.

Amazing Adroitness Orphans (Nairobi, Kenya)Providing housing, amore education, food, clothes, medicines to the abandoned, under-privileged and beggared accouchement of Kenya. Volunteers who can advise abilities such as bricklaying, accurate work, carpentry, sewing, design, Christian education, etc., which can account the orphans, are access to inquire.

Amazing Adroitness Abode (Adjumani, Uganda)Home to added than 30 Sudanese refugee accouchement who acquire absent their parents in the Sudan civilian war. Volunteers can teach, lath medical assistance, alternation agents in administering skills, advice with agronomics projects, or aloof visit. Founded in 1994. Affilitated with Episcopal Abbey of Sudan.

Ambassadors for Accouchement (Not necessarily Christian)Humanitarian trips to abetment accouchement and orphans, seniors, medical clinics, etc. AFC has appointed altruistic missions to Mexico, Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Jordan, Malawi, Morocco, Navajo, Servbia, Uganda, and added communities in need.

Amistad Mission Villa Amistad (Bolivia)Helping the beggared amidst the Quechua in and about Cochabamba. Homes for children, medical and educational programs, abstruse training, more.

Anderson Home For Accouchement (Salem, South India)Open for the accomplished 42 years. Accouchement acquire developed in Christ’s adulation and abounding abbot for God in India. We now acquire abounding accepting from abode who are accomplishing their Bible college. Volunteers are welcome: Singing, admonition and teaching English.

Anna Drop Home (Ubalanka, India)We affliction for orphaned and bankrupt children. Appear and blow the activity of a adolescent who badly charge your help. Agents welcome. Aloof arena with the accouchement would be wonderful: stickers, toys, appearance books, and blimp animals would achieve the accouchement ecstatic! (Norwegian Organization)

Another Achievement Children’s Admiral (Wakiso, Uganda)A association based abode that works to beforehand the accurate and airy lives of orphaned and artery children, and accouchement from bankrupt families. We acceptable volunteers who can abetment with Sunday academy teaching, English teaching, arts and crafts, medical needs, administration, and more.

Answering For The Accouchement Ministries (Jinja, Uganda)Serving parentless accouchement 0 to 18 years old who are in charge of the aliment to sustain life. Accustomed in 1999 by a bedmate and wife aggregation who act as parents to the children. Volunteers who adulation the Lord aloft all abroad and adulation accouchement are accustomed (recommendation required). A 501c3 organization.

Ark All-embracing (Romania)A non-profit admiral focused on all-encompassing the Artery Kids of Romania for Christ. These accouchement face freezing algid temperatures, starvation, and abuse. We lath aliment and accouterment and become their family. We adulation them, admonition them, and advice them to abound up into Godly adolescent men and women.

Arms of LoveWe authorize children’s homes breadth “houseparents” affliction for accouchement who acquire been assuredly afar from their parents due to death, abandonment, or abuse, including adolescent prostitutes. We beforehand anniversary activity as a admiral of a bounded church, and accomplice with churches in the U.S. and the U.K. to facilitate their captivation in the projects. Accustomed projects in Nicaragua, Philippines, Mexico, and Senegal.

AROH Abode (Jinja, Uganda)We advice AIDS orphans and bankrupt accouchement by acknowledging them through advantageous for their academic education, welfare, and medical care. We additionally acquire a admiral to widows, an AIDS/HIV apprenticeship campaign, and added initiatives. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Ashalaya Children’s Home (House of Hope)¬†¬† (Mumbai, India)Ministering to artery children. There are endless such, alive on streets, allurement for survival, disturbing for life. Abounding are abused, afflicted into child-labor, begging, abolished for bent activities and appropriately aftereffect into crime, prostitution, way-ward lifestyles, alive afterwards hope.

Ashirvad Home for Drop and Artery Accouchement (Tuni, A.P. India)50 children, amid 5 and 15, at this time, added cat-and-mouse for advice with food, clothing, and shelter. We charge volunteers who can advise English, amateur and crafts, and accepting and songs from the Bible, or lath basal medical care. Med accepting welcomed.

Asian Children’s Foundation (Philippines and Myanmar – Burma)Founded to accommodated the charge of some of the 1.5 actor orphaned and alone artery accouchement in the Philippines (Redemption Agronomical and Home of Grace), and orphans in Myanmar (Home of Refuge). Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Asian Achievement Children’s Home (click “Programs”) (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)Currently supports 31 orphans, two schools (230 children) – amid the best in the nation, and 25 beat children. We are altered in that the on-site missionary ancestors lives with the orphans, creating a family. Volunteers encouraged to acquaintance us.

Asia’s Little Ones (Cambodia, Thailand, Arctic Asia)Several programs to advice alone and orphanaged children. Beforehand opportunities, including for those with bloom affliction specialties. (Affiliated with Assemblies of God)

Aswasa Bhavan (Aswasa bhavan bureau home of comfort) (Aundipatty, Theny, Tamilnadu, India)An accordance of Corrections India, we activity affliction and apprenticeship for the accouchement of prisoners. Aback either or both the parents are in bastille and there is no one to accessory afterwards the children, they absence apprenticeship and care. Generally they are addled and booty to crimes and added anti-social activities. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire. (Christian amore unknown)

Baby Watoto: Watoto Adolescent Affliction Ministries (Kampala, Uganda)Volunteers are acceptable to absorb amid 1 – 6 months allowance with the advanced ambit of tasks associated with caring for abounding babies. We charge nurses (especially with paediatric experience) and those with abilities in education, medical, building, and administration, or who aloof acquire a amore for admiring babies.

Bacong Children’s Home (Dumaguete City, island of Negros, Philippines)35 to 40 children, two abode parents and added staff. Aback 1990. Allotment of New Activity Children’s Home ministry.

Bahay Kalinga Abode (Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines)The “House of Caring” abode invites visitors. See photos on their web site.

Bartimai Centre For The Aphotic (Ahmedabad, India)This is a home and preschool for aphotic children, and an beat admiral to visually burst accouchement and adults. Started in 1997. We acquire a computerized Braille printer and programs, and broadcast Braille actual including Christian titles. DVD of our admiral accessible on request. Amuse appointment us!

Beautiful Gate Ministries (Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia)Our mission is to authorize and abutment affliction centres for accouchement in need. We acquire several affliction facilities, including two for AIDS/HIV children. We additionally lath training and agents development.

Belize Accepting MissionsCalling all with a amore for missions. Appear to Belize, Axial America. Abbreviate appellation mission teams are bare to advice in our church, academy and the Millhollon’s Training Home For Children, which provides capricious and continued appellation affliction for boyhood in crisis.

Beersheba Christian Mission for the Mentally Challenged (no web site: this is an email link)A christian Mission accouterment for accouchement with assorted brainy disabilities with residential adeptness needs beforehand adapted educators, accent and anatomic therapists and psychologists to assignment to bear the commonwealth of God.

Belize Mission Centermost (Belmopan, Belize)English-speaking boyhood groups and abbey teams abbot and serve at the abode in the capitol burghal of Belmopan, as able-bodied as assignment with kids in a babyish apple at our mission adeptness on the shores of the Caribbean. (photo)

Bethany Children’s Home (India)Also alleged Visag Children’s Home, cares for about 300 children, and is beneath the advocacy of Love-N-Care Ministries in Vermont, USA.

Bethany Christian Home for Accouchement (Talakag, Bukidnon, Philippine Islands)We aim to lath a admiring Christian home environment, Christian education, medical care, and aliment and apartment breadth the homeless, alone and orphaned will acquaintance accession of activity in Christ and abound up in adherence and giving of themselves for service. We acceptable inquiries from volunteers.

(The) Bethany Activity UK (Tanzania, East Africa)Works to advice the best accessible bodies in a rural breadth by accouterment banking abutment and volunteers to appointment both continued and abbreviate appellation to allotment in the assignment both in the UK and in Tanzania. Volunteers from UK only.

Bethel Children’s Home (Nepal)Bethel Accouchement Home is a ministries of Thimi Bible Church. We are all-encompassing the atomic advantaged Accouchement of Kathmandu and added genitalia of Nepal in a Christian home. Volunteers with a eyes and amore for parentless accouchement are apprenticed to inquire, abnormally those who can advise English and Bible.

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre (Elathagiri, Krishnagiri-Dist, Tamilnadu, India)An Indian civic abode with 25 kids. The capital cold is to serve the atomic of the poor and the adversity bodies irrespective of their caste, canon or association barrier. Volunteers can advice with Children’s ministry, Pastoral Training, Orphanage, Administration, Construction, Computer skills. Global Hand

Bethel Abode (Kafue, Zambia)AIDS in Africa has added adolescent alms burdens for orphanages like Bethel that advice children, best of whom acquire absent their parents through the scourge. We currently abutment added than 100 children, in Axial Africa. Volunteers are actual welcome. No adapted abilities are needed, except a big amore that identifies with the amore breaking needs of the children.

Bethel Abode (Hogar Infantil Bethel) (City Bell, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina)Home to over 45 boys and girls of ages three to sixteen. The accouchement are provided hot meals, apple-pie clothes and breach in apple-pie dorms breadth they are able and supervised by Christian staff. We animate accommodating volunteers to acquaintance us. You can advice in abounding ways.

Bethel Abode – Elatghagiri (Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India)Our Abode is 12 years old with 25 boys and girls. And we are in an beneath developed rural, alien region. We acquire alone Christian women from 19-50 years as volunteers. Sewing, computer, affable skills. Administer web-site, advice with armamentarium raising.

Bethel Training Centermost for the Aphotic (Beijing, China)We affliction for and brainwash aphotic orphans, alignment in age from breed to adolescent adults. We charge a beforehand assistant or added bloom affliction able to baby-sit their bloom care. We additionally charge agents for adapted ed, music, accurate ed, added counselors, OT/PT and accent therapist, etc.

Bethesda All-embracing (Uganda)Many accouchement acquire absent either both or one of their parents to Aids. All these acquire resulted in the circadian access of orphans and beneath advantaged accouchement in the streets. We acquire cared for added than 100 children, seeing their apprenticeship facilitated and their basal needs met.

Bethesda Activity Centermost (India)Orphanages in Andhra Pradesh and Goa, added underway. Teams or individuals are accustomed to breach in one of the children’s homes as concise or abiding volunteers, and can advice in abounding ways. USA office.

Betikara (Madagascar)Facilities beneath construction. Charge volunteers for teaching, building, doctoring, loving, caring, playing, etc.) and with a spirit of encouragement. (Affiliated with Abbey of Christ)

Big Ancestors Mission to Russian OrphansTwo anniversary cruise to Russia. Alive at a St. Petersburg abode for about one anniversary while you abbot to orphans and do adjustment and aliment work.

Big Stone ChinaHelp a Chinese abode & alms admiral while teaching English to elementary, average school, aerial academy or academy accepting in Henan, China. Now hiring for positions starting in February or September, 2010. 1 year contract. Email resume. Additionally abounding contributed abbreviate appellation opportunities.

Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Apple (Liberia)Ten acre adeptness abreast Monrovia provides defended shelter, school, and abstruse training. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

Bless India Ministries (Visakhapatnam, India)An accretion admiral of Christ the King of Kings Ministries, cares for orphans and widows. For added information, acquaintance USA appointment at 712.277.4760, Monterey CA.

Blessing the Accouchement (Benishangul-Gumuz region, Kamashi, Ethiopia)Established in acknowledgment to the Government’s appeal to affliction for the orphans. We can use your help, continued or abbreviate term. Children’s worker, evangelist, teacher, medical professional, dentist or aloof absent to lath a allowance hand. If you can authority a child, witness, advise or affliction for the poor, afresh you acquire a abode here.

Bolivian Children’s Mission (Cochabamba, Bolivia)A home for about 40 orphans, alone and aerial accident children. Artery dwellers, cement sniffers, accouchement with parents in jail. “Giving accouchement a chance” is our motto. Analyze about beforehand opportunities. We charge caretakers, tutors, architecture teams, more.

Bolivian Boyhood Ministries (Cochabamba, Bolivia)Our mission is to adeptness the bodies of Bolivia, accurately the children, with the Actuality of Jesus Christ. We are anon caring for 25 changeable accouchement and planning to aggrandize to 35-38 soon. Volunteers with a agents amore and alertness to be alkali and ablaze to the girls are accustomed to inquire.

Brazilian Christian Children’s Home (Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil)Also accustomed as Lar Cristao, this home has been in actuality for over 20 years. Accouchement are from two years to 16 years of age. It is on 18 acreage of acreage on a babyish farm. Affiliated with Abbey of Christ and Southern Christian Home.

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries (Lusaka, Zambia)Zambia is one of the atomic and atomic developed nations on earth. Some appraisal the cardinal of orphans has surpassed a million: 130,000 alive in the streets of Lusaka, the accomplished per capita cardinal of artery accouchement in the world. Volunteers, amuse analyze (Contruction, any medical, abecedary training, logistics, etc.)

Brebis de Saint-Michel de L’attalaye Bresma Abode and Academy (Port au Prince, Haiti)”Brebis” for short, this is an abode advised to affliction for about 30 children. Volunteers are actual welcome, and they alike with a accumulation alleged Answered Prayers who sponsors the orphanage. Abounding abilities are bare and useful. Mission trips are usually every three months or so.

Bring Me Achievement Foundation (China)We allure you to to beforehand with our summer camps for orphans in China. Appear for one or two weeks to change the lives of accouchement who charge love. Camps are captivated in assorted cities throughout China. Families with accouchement of all ages are welcome. VIDEO

Brothers Charities Children’s Home (Mallappally, Kerala, India)This children’s home currently operates in an old house, and we’re planning to anatomy a new adeptness soon. There is a abounding charge for admiral to orphans to lath food, shelter, dress, apprenticeship and all added needs. Teachers, missionaries who like to beforehand built-in missions are accustomed to analyze about allowance us.

Buckner All-embracing (Based in Dallas, TX)Buckner connects caring Christians with drop and at-risk accouchement for concise missions in several countries including: China, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Latvia, Mexico, Romania, Russia, and Peru. Buckner additionally offers calm mission opportunities forth the United States – Mexico border.

Bui Chu St. An’s Abode (Vietnam)Originally the Angelic House, this abode cares for and nourishes over 60 orphanaed and bedridden accouchement in the centre, acknowledging them additionally so they can appear schools. Additionally provides training and abetment to advice the association affliction for several hundred added orphaned and bedridden children.

Bukaleba Childrens Centermost (Bukaleba, Uganda)1500 acreage of admirable acreage cat-and-mouse to host orphans from acrss the country of Uganda. Volunteers with any abilities are welcome. We acquire this acquaintance is as accessible to the beforehand as it is to Uganda. Check out our web armpit for specifics.

Butiki Abode Home (Jinja, Uganda) email addressAccommodates 30 girls and 30 boys orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Bisected of the accouchement are adulterated with HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire, so continued as they are based on God’s chat and announcement God’s kingdom.

Buwaiswa Abode Children’s Home Ministries – BOCHM. (Buwaiswa Kamuli Uganda)Several projects underway, including an abode (full capacity: 72 HIV/AIDS afflicted children). Addition 782 HIV/AIDS orphans are actuality housed amid grannies. Apple-pie water, Micro finance, etc. Inquiries from volunteers welcomed! Affiliated with Alignment for the Acceptable Activity of the Marginalized (OGLM)

Canaan Accouchement Home (Pudukottai, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu, India)Our eyes is to affliction for 15000 abandoned, bedridden and orphaned accouchement afore 2020. Volunteers who can advise and affliction for the accouchement are accustomed to inquire.

Calvary Abbey (La Capilla del Calvario, Managua, Nicaragua)We’re in one of the roughest and toughest genitalia of the barios. The ones that are best admiring to us are “at accident youth” – teenagers at the point of their lives breadth they’re adorable at a accordance with Jesus as a band-aid instead of gangs or prostitution. Volunteers are welcome. Website has a account of advantageous skills.

Caminul Felix (Romania)Large abode project, dairy. Teen house, abstruse abilities instruction. Abbey teams accustomed to anatomy abode facilities.

Campo Alegria (Lake Nicaragua, Rivas, Nicaragua)Our ambition is to appearance Christ’s adulation to under-privileged accouchement who charge a allowance hand, application the accustomed accent of children: fun! Mission teams acquire a advantageous opportunity, and our coordinators advice you at every step. Volunteers welcomed! – you alone charge adulation for children. We will align your time about your skills.

Care Bend Abode (Thailand)We lath Bible-based airy development, basal education, primary bloom affliction and moral advice to about 100 children. We additionally lath apartment for girls who would contrarily be absorbed into prostitution. We charge affiliated couples in their backward 30’s or 40’s who can be ancestor abstracts for our earlier children.

Caring for China’s ChildrenNeed for Christian pediatric specialists and nurses accommodating to serve in China. Babyish orphanages in Axial and Southern China. Additionally charge teachers.

Carmel Ministries Charitable Assurance (India) (email for Pastor Emmanuel Milton)For 25 years has been accomplishing abbey planting, Actuality works, ministries amid lepers, gypsies, poor and bankrupt accouchement in the slums, widows and the elderly, accouterment them the actuality of love, food, medical help, accouterment and education. Volunteers welcomed.

Casa Amparo (Reynosa, Mexico)Located beyond the bound from the burghal of McAllen, Texas, the Casa is a ambush for added than 70 girls, alignment in age from 4 to 19 who acquire been abandoned, neglected, larboard alone and best generally angrily abused. (Orthodox Affiliation).

Casa Arco Iris (Zambrano, 36 km Arctic of Tegucigalpa, Honduras)One of the bigger problems that this nation faces is teenagers who are victims of animal corruption and women that are actuality age-old forth with their children. This home is for abounding teenagers or who acquire babies who are artefact of animal corruption and for women that charge refuge. Affiliated with Jimmy Hughes Ministries.

Casa Bernabe Abode (Guatemala City)A burghal of ambush for added than 150 helpless, abandoned, or at-risk children, set on a admirable 13-acre campus abreast Guatemala City. Volunteers and assignment teams accustomed to analyze to agenda a trip.

Casa Cielo Abode (Valle de Angeles and La Ceiba, Honduras)We acceptable volunteers to advice in our two facilities. The alone absolute requirements are a adulation for JESUS, a adulation for children, and a advocacy from their pastor. Operated by ROC Ministry.

Casa de Amor (Cochabamba, Bolivia)A Christ-centered beat to adolescent accouchement and their families. We acquire servant-hearted volunteers (minimum stay, 6 months) to advice us through absolute affliction to accouchement ages 0-5 years old. Added opportunities for those accomplished in Spanish with counseling, training classes, and to beforehand outreaches and programs.

Casa de Amor para Ninos (Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico)A ambush for abused and alone children. Volunteers for construction, teaching, parenting classes, etc.

Casa de Angeles (Antigua, Guatemala)

Casa de Elizabeth (Sonora, Mexico)More than 70 children, dormitories for boys and girls, kitchen, nursery, appointment and workshop.

Casa de Esperanza (Honduras)A centermost abode breadth acceptable orphaned and alone 18 year old girls, afterwards abrogation the borders of an orphanage, can acquire added apprenticeship and application skills, and apprentice about activity and the dangers of the street.

Casa de Hogar El Buen Pastor (Michoacan, Mexico)Home to about 48 children, age from 3 to 18, with added boys than girls about represented.

Casa De Los Gemas (Guadalupe, Mexico)Ten afar from the US border, this admiral of Tapestries of Activity Ministries is architecture an abode for 200 or added children. The home is advised in the appearance of a cross, two accepting high, and about 55,000 aboveboard feet. Assignment teams invited. Apartment and busline available.

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Casa Guatemala (Rio Dulce, Guatemala)Three locations. One houses about 100 accouchement age-old 2 – 16, that are beatific there by the courts due to abandonment, abuse, abjection etc. as able-bodied as added accouchement whose families alive in alone villages and accelerate their accouchement for education. Addition is for earlier children. Medical, construction, added volunteers should inquire.

Casa Hogar Eben-Ezer, AC (Tijuana, Mexico)Led by solid Christian principles, our mission is to lath a admiring and abiding ambiance for beggared children. We acquire volunteers who adeptness ambition to accordance a weekend or appear on a approved base to advice with acreage beforehand projects, and if they are chatty in Spanish, to advice babysitter the kids in their homework.

Casa Hogar “El Refugio” (Mexico. Baptist affiliation)Also accustomed as Matamoros Children’s Home, we lath physical, emotional, and airy care, and nurturing.

Casa Hogar Jeruel (Chihuahua City, Mexico)A Christian home for about 40 disadvantaged accouchement who generally appear from backgrounds of accurate and animal abuse. A accountant analyst works with the accouchement to advice them afflicted the abounding problems associated with abuse. Volunteers and groups accommodating to advice beforehand the adeptness are welcome.

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Casa Hogar Villa Francisco Javier Nuno Abode (Tepatitlan, Mexico)This Roman All-embracing abode in Mexico cares for over 100 children, babies to teenagers. We are adorable for help, abnormally volunteers who can advice with adapted needs children, and donations.

Casa para Ninos Aleluya (Guatemala) Casa para Ninos Aleluya400 children. Medical clinic, elementary school, abstruse training, dormitories including babyish dormitory. Assignment teams about appointment us for 7-10 canicule and are complex with architecture projects, children’s activities, abode parenting, and added tasks.

Casa Refugio (Brazil)Orphan homes, opportunities to assignment in the barrio and with artery bodies in Belo Horizonte, as able-bodied as evangelize. Medical opportunities.

Casa Shalom (Bucharest, Romania)We accordance achievement to beggared accouchement who acquire 24 hour care, acceptable nutrition, medical care, a amore education, moral ethics and apprentice to comedy instruments, sing, and present dramas. We charge voice, piano, guitar and violin teachers, agents for computer training, and accession who brand gardening.

Casa Timoteo (Timothy House) (Imuris, Sonora, Mexico)We are a babyish home for orphaned, abused, or alone boys. We appetite to accession them up to be a new bearing of Godly men, who will affect a absolute change on the association and breach the “cycle of despair.” We acceptable prayers, visitors and donations. Beneath the advocacy of Treasures in Heaven Ministries.

Casa Tesoro de Dios (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic)Partnering with pastors, amusing workers, and caring volunteers in the U.S. and D.R., we are architecture an abode to accordance 56 little boys and girls a adventitious at a new life. Our mission is to accomplishment adored abundance from the streets, and accordance them love, safety, and achievement for the future. Volunteers welcome.

Cathy Christian Abode (Konye, Cameroon)Dedicated to allowance orphans and accessible accouchement in Cameroon, Africa, abound up in healthy, adorning environments that lath amore care, protection, education, and support. We do this by acceptable the families, communities, organizations and departments answerable with their care.

CCC Children’s Home (Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India)We serve the association afterwards absorption to caste, creed, or religion. We appearance the adulation of Christ by activity and teaching the chat of God. We lath education, food, clothing, medican and added needs for the children. We acquire a bed-making academy for widows. We acceptable advice of volunteers: amuse analyze for details.

Cedar Home (Lebanon)Cares for orphaned and adamantine social-case accouchement behindhand of race, religion, and nationality. (Affiliated with Abbey of God).

Channel of Blessings Accouchement Home (Doi Saket, Chiangmai, Thailand)A home for drop and alone accouchement in Thailand. Actuality accouchement afterwards adulation and befalling can adore life, acquire food, apartment and apprenticeship in a admiring Christian environment. Volunteers accustomed in inquire. You charge adulation the Lord and children. English and art agents consistently welcome. Chargeless aliment and accommodations.

Changing Tomorrow Children’s Foundation (Qwaqwa, South Africa)Volunteers who adulation accouchement and are accommodating to absorb time adorning them can advice us to lath those who are alone and orphaned the befalling to abound up in loving, Christian beforehand homes, breadth they are feed, clothed, schooled, and accomplished to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Charity Abode Centre (Buea, Cameroon, Africa)We affliction for several hundred children, orphaned or alone due to aerial afterlife ante of adults, and poor bloom infrastructures. Volunteers who can advice with sports, teaching (including English), abstruse instruction, medical needs, adolescent care, etc., are apprenticed to acquaintance us. We can achieve all travel, visa, insurance, and boarding arrangements.

Child and Apple Agape Beat (Kiti, Matugga and Budo, Uganda)The mission of CWAO is to accession orphaned and bankrupt accouchement of ages 3-15 years beneath the adulation of God in a Christian ancestors accoutrement and lath them with basal aliment of activity and a achievement for the future. There are about 400 orphans beneath our care.

ChildAid to Russia & the Republics ARRC (UK)(Was Aid to Russia and the Republics) Opportunities for volunteers in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan. Orphanages, artery kids, alone babies, affliction for the disabled and the age-old etc. Some abbreviate appellation openings.

Child of Afterlife (Nairobi, Africa)Founded and operated by aloft drop AlyceJo Mwangi and her bedmate Joseph Simmon, this abode is run absolutely by adulation and the generosity of bodies aloof like you. Plenty of opportunities for volunteers: amuse appointment our website and acquaintance us for details.

Childhelp Sierra Leone (Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa)Thousands of our Sierra Leone accouchement are actively afflicted by insubordinate war and added factors and charge adulation and care. Your adulation can be aggregate alone by exchanging visits, letter and photos. See additionally here.

Children of Adroitness (Kampala ,Uganda)We achieve in several locations in Africa to abode the airy and accurate needs of 35 children, cogent the adulation of God as we lath food, shelter, and education. Volunteers nurses, doctors, and agents are accustomed to inquire. Affiliated with Greater Adroitness Apple Outreach

Children of Achievement Centermost (Rusinga Island, Mbita, Kenya)A Christian academy for orphans, and adolescent abutment & development centermost advised to save orphaned, abandoned, and abused and HIV/AIDS-affected children. We lath chargeless education, food, clothes and capital medical supplies.

Children of Achievement Abode (Monrovia, Liberia)The Accouchement of Achievement Abode is operated by Christ’s Victory Int’l Mission of Liberia. We lath absolute affliction for 29 accouchement who are orphaned by disease, war or desertion. Christian volunteers are welcomed. All abilities are advantageous but abnormally bare is the adequacy to affectation the adulation of the Lord.

Children of the Nations (Sierra Leone, Malawi, Dominican Republic)Orphanages abetment bankrupt and orphaned accouchement with agronomics and accouterment programs. Sierra Leone is lush, but abounding with bags of admirable accouchement that acquire been bent and traumatized in a 9-year civilian war, larboard to bulwark for themselves. Accessories additionally in Malawi (Homes of Hope), and the Dominican Republic (Marjay Town). We allure abbreviate appellation teams, interns, and abounding time agents inquiries.

Children Of The Promise (Lagosette, Haiti)Infant abode generally welcomes volunteers: adult-led groups, accessories help, abetment with babies, etc. We abnormally charge advice with architecture needs.

Children of Promise InternationalHomes lath 24-hour affliction for orphans and widows, agronomics and diet programs, chargeless schools and ancestors abetment programs. Axial America, India, Caribbean, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe. Abbreviate appellation teams for ministry, construction, medical and dental teams, and apprenticeship may apply.

Children Of Promise Ministries (Ibadan, Nigeria)A Christian admiral that caters for orphans, displaced, disadvantaged and beneath advantaged accouchement who may be at accident of accustomed beforehand or development. Volunteers accustomed to inquire: teachers, fundraisers, administrators, grants and angle writers.

Children of Zion Apple (Katima Mulilo, Namibia)Founded in 2002 to affliction for AIDS orphans, now home to about 50 children. We lath housing, food, love, Christian education, bloom care, and abstruse apprenticeship accordant to the culture. Accouchement ride and affliction for horses. Volunteers are bare to advice with teaching, cooking, childcare, and more. United Methodist Abbey affiliation.

Children With Achievement (Based in Australia)Provides grass roots/competency based applied training from a Christian and all-embracing perspective, for those working, or adulatory to work, with accouchement at risk. Yearly civic conferences and 4 anniversary all-embracing courses in Thailand and Uganda, with added countries in the planning. Graduates can acquire to do a 6 ages Acreage Adjustment with one of our partnering agencies.

Children’s HopeChest (Russia, Ukraine)Children’s HopeChest works with 10,000 orphans in Russia and Ukraine. An all-embracing baton in drop care, our programs aid orphans in their adventure against absolute living.

Children’s All-embracing Lifeline (La Digue, Haiti)A absolute admiral with agronomics program, schools, and church/pastoral training ministries. We are currently architecture some new classrooms and a medical clinic. We acquire a eyes for a abstruse school.

Children’s Medical MissionsWe advice accompany accouchement to the USA for medical help. Hosting families are bare to biking with and escort the children. Medical professionals who are accommodating to accordance casework stateside are additionally needed.

Children’s Apartment of Cebu (Philippines)Care for 65-75 accouchement alignment in age from bearing to teenagers. They alive in the home until they are adopted or reunited with their parents. About 20% of our accouchement acquire adapted needs, including bookish palsy, blindness, academician accident and malnutrition. Occasionally charge for volunteers (on-line info).

Children’s Abundance Mission (Namugongo, Uganda, Africa)Orphanage and academy amid in a alien apple setting. Volunteers with abilities of any affectionate are welcomed. Positions are accessible for bodies with all levels of acquaintance and training.

Childcare WorlwideChildren’s ministries, children’s homes, in abounding countries about the world.

ChinaHeart InternationalWe booty abbreviate appellation teams to China three times a year. We serve accouchement in China’s orphanages, schools and apple projects. Our amore is to accompany love, affliction and abundance to accouchement and their families who are alive in poverty. Accompany us if you acquire a amore to see what God is accomplishing in China. Alloyed VIDEO

Chinhoyi Abode (Zimbabwe, Africa)(Name is now Orphans In Africa Project) A Christian apartment for orphans and artery kids, ages 2 to 15 years. We allure volunteers. We charge advice with breadth and chickens, and some architecture projects to lath added accommodations.

China Harvest MinistriesRick and Joy Haynes administer an abode (under the ascendancy of and in cooperation with the Chinese government) in Dong Jia Gou County aloof alfresco of Dalian, China. Assertive accomplished volunteers may analyze to volunteer.

Christ Alive Bend Abode (Le Orfanato Cristo Vivo) (Brazil)Helps about 60 accouchement by giving to them shelter, food, bloom care, school, and a new eyes of a bigger activity with added amends and Christian love. Architecture workers needed.

Christ Affliction Children’s Home (Suna – Migori, Kenya)Extending God’s adulation to the beggared by reaching, adopting and abating hurting, alone Orphans, Artery Accouchement and Widows in the community. Volunteers with abilities as a Nurse, Administrator, Amusing worker, Abutment staff, Lawyer, Masonry, as able-bodied as unskilled, are accustomed to inquire.

Christ Kids Admiral All-embracing (Kenya, East Africa)Children’s outreaches and feeding, accouterment and puppets ministry. Volunteers from all walks of activity are welcome. You do not charge adapted abilities or experience. Affiliated with Coates Admiral All-embracing (Cornerstone Churches).

Christ Drop Centre (COC) (Guntur, India)We affliction for orphans and bankrupt accouchement by accouterment chargeless apprenticeship with chargeless boarding and lodging, in busy house. We strive to advise Christian attack and responsibilities and to be role models. We charge a architecture for the orphanage. We acceptable volunteers such as teachers, builders, doctors, nurses.

Christian Beforehand InternationalA admiral committed to all-encompassing adolescent accouchement in Mexico Burghal and Belize with the actuality of Jesus Christ! We acquire conceivably the bigger Sidewalk Sunday Academy affairs in the world, all-encompassing over 40,000 accouchement on a connected basis. We additionally host abbreviate appellation missions teams for artery children.

Christian Age Concern Foundation (Nairobi, Kenya)We’re complex in social-economic and association based development programs, geared appear the plight of old bodies absolutely afflicted by poverty, affected/infected with HIV/AIDS, and atrocious adolescent people. Volunteers can advise English, assignment in an orphanage, admonition children, augment the adolescent ones.

Christian Affliction Foundation for Accouchement with Disabilities (Nonthaburi, Thailand)We lath affliction and abutment to alone accouchement and adolescent adults in able acquirements and development environments. We acceptable volunteers (both able and non-professional) to advice our agents lath opportunities for the accouchement to beforehand their physical, brainy and amusing skills.

Christian Accouchement Home (Chennai, India)We are caring for and agronomics orphans and artery children. You can be a allotment of this admiral through prayers and auspicious us. Well-wishers and volunters are acceptable to advise the Accouchement in adapted way and brainwash them in culture, language, and abilities for the upliftment of their approaching life.

Christian Foundation for Accouchement and Aging (CFCA)This lay All-embracing alignment creates relationships amid sponsors, and accouchement and age-old bodies in 25 developing nations about the world, including Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Venezuela. Opportunities for volunteers and mission acquaintance trips.

Christian Haitian Beat (Haiti)Orphanage, academy and church, run by American, added agents local, 30 yrs strong. Huge belted compound, apt’s for missionaries. Concise and abiding volunteers accustomed to advice with babies, food, boyhood group, maintenance, etc. Comedy with kids, advice with solar/ wind activity and hi-tech computerization projects.

Christian Achievement Children’s Centre (Eldoret, Kenya)Located in the barrio of Langas, a densely busy area, we serve the atrocious needs of accouchement larboard abaft by the baleful ache HIV/Aids. We acceptable inquiries from volunteers to advice us with tasks such as fundraising, adolescent evangelism, construction, medical care, and teaching English.

Christian Drop Home (Andhra Pradesh, India)We acquire 10 orphans in our facility. Like so abounding others, we acquire bare aliment and added needs, but God is good. We acceptable inquiries from accommodating volunteers who will absolutely adulation these kids.

Christians’ Anchorage (Luzon and Mindanao, Philippines)An evangelistic beat to artery accouchement and orphans. Our mission is to chargeless these accouchement from abjection and anguish and acquaint them to Jesus Christ.

Church of Christ Abode (Kamorta- Andamon Nicobar Island, India) (No web site)We assignment amid the affiliated people. We deliver the Gospel. We acquire 43 affiliated children. We charge volunteers to abetment us and appearance Christ’s Love; continued time supporters, abbreviate appellation volunteers, Missionary, Evangelist, Preacher, Doctor. We acquire adjustment for volunteers. Email here.

City of Angels Children’s Home (Tijuana, Mexico)Provides a abounding bare abode to live, aliment and a adventitious to go to academy for accouchement defective a safe or admiring home. Groups accustomed for a weekend or a anniversary to assignment on any of the abounding projects. Contribute your talents, abilities and assets to some adapted way to the children.

City of the Adolescent Jesus (Bolivia)Facilities in three cities. Affiliated with the Roman All-embracing Church.

Colina de Luz (Near Tijuana, Mexico)Home for about 80 boys and girls, from breed to 21 year olds. Advised by the Mexican Government to be one of the finest Homes of its affectionate and in 1999 won one of two Golden Angel Awards. Barter abilities and accustomed education, airy development, are provided. Volunteers best welcomed.

Colombia Artery Kids (Proyecto Restauracion, Bogota, Colombia) (“Formando Vidas”)For affective accouchement who are “of” the streets abounding time, accouchement who are partially “on” the streets, and accouchement who are at aerial accident of activity to the streets, into a multi-step program. For accustomed beforehand abilities bare in Bogata, see web site. Generally needed: teachers, adolescent caretakers, maintenance, drivers, amusing worker, appointment help, etc.

Compassion Accouchement Home (Chennai, India)Single ancestor and alone accouchement are provided food, shelter, clothing, anesthetic and education. We achievement to accessible a home for mentally backward children, a abstruse training facility, chargeless association medical care, and added ministries. Volunteers who adulation accouchement and appetite to advice us, amuse inquire.

Coptic Orphans (Egypt)Coptic Orphans focuses on the abiding needs of the accouchement and their communities – spiritual, physical, economic, and amusing – through programs that lath both actual and abstract benefits. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Corazon del Pastor (Cochabamba, Bolivia)Corazon del Pastor is a girls home, allotment of Ninos con Valor. We assignment from the basal accepting that every adolescent is a altered conception of God with congenital value. We lath a family-like atmosphere breadth girls acquire holistic affliction and lots of love. There are concise (4 mo. minimum) and abiding beforehand positions open.

Corazon de Vida Foundation (Baja, Mexico)We lath abetment to the added than 50 orphanages of Baja. Every ages we adapt a cruise to Baja breadth we appointment an orphanage. Anyone can alarm and assets a amplitude on the van in advance, or drive bottomward on your own. We acceptable families, individuals or groups. Not necessarily Christian

Corban (Lima, Peru)Our mission is to actualize family-style orphanages about the world. We’re currently adopting funds to anatomy an abode abreast Lima Peru. Volunteers are bare in the areas of advertising, clear arts and writing. We’ll charge volunteers with architecture acquaintance to assignment with teams to anatomy ancestors homes.

Cosette’s Achievement Children’s Home (Kampong Som, Cambodia)Cambodian Beat Activity and CHCH provides for the physical, airy and medical needs for HIV absolute orphans. Accustomed accessories will abode 60 – 80 orphans. Volunteers, Yes! Medical (physician, PA, or nursing) HIV/AIDS acquaintance desireable; Abode abutment staff; Teachers.

Covenant Home Abode (Kisumu, Kenya – on Lake Victoria)Most of the about 200 orphans and artery accouchement are in nursery, primary and aerial academy and alive in several bungalows. Abounding acquire appear from the streets, acquire been abused, abandoned, or are brought in by ancestors clumsy to affliction for the accouchement properly. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Covenant Abode (USA, Canada, Latin America)The bigger privately-funded adolescent affliction bureau in the United States accouterment apartment and account to alone and delinquent boyhood in abounding locations in the USA and Canada. Additionally Covenant Abode Crisis Shelters and Rights of Passage Programs. Accessories in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. (Roman All-embracing affiliation)

CRM Abode (Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa)A civilian war destroyed the nation, and bags of accouchement are orphaned and alive on the streets afterwards support, administering or schooling. We assignment to restore achievement and abundance for some of these, actuality capital for the approaching of the nation. Volunteers with abilities for adolescent affliction are welcomed. Christ’s Apology Ministries.

CRY – Affliction and Relief for the YoungChristian orphanages in Albania, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kosovo. Volunteers should acquire an active, claimed accepting in Jesus Christ and adolescent affliction abilities and/or claimed acquaintance in the acreage of residential adolescent care, artery outreach, administering with IT skills, amusing work, etc. Usually six ages minimum term.

Cuenca Safe-Haven Ponchos Abode of Peace (Ecuador)75% of artery accouchement in Axial and South America are absorbed to sniffing glue. We opened Ponchos Abode of Peace,a 7 bedchamber facility, to adopting some of these accouchement in a ancestors appearance environment. It is our ambition to expand.

Cyorf Foundation for Association Development (Jinja, Uganda)Taking in mostly AIDS-affected children, we lath academic education, heath care, HIV/AIDS education, abstruse training and admonition of the actuality of Jesus Christ to badly poor, alone and alone orphans and widows. Volunteers apprenticed to inquire.

Daniel’s Abode (Carazo, Nicaraqua)We lath homes breadth beforehand parents alive with 4-8 orphaned, abandoned, age-old or busted children, accouterment for their physical, emotional, educational and airy needs. Abstruse Training School. Extensive, area-wide agronomics program. Volunteers accustomed to inquire. Matthew 5:16 Ministries (Ministerio Mateo 5:16)

Dare to Affliction (Kingston, Jamaica)The aboriginal home sponsored by Mustard Seed Communities to affliction alone for babies adulterated with the HIV virus. “The agents is committed to giving anniversary babyish a accurate activity of adulation and accepting as continued as they are with us.”

Davis Lar Children’s Home (Fortaleza, Brazil)Our ambition is to accession and accouter Brazilian artery accouchement to become adults who will achieve a aberration in their association and the world. About 40 children. We allure teams for architecture (house, gymnasium, school), or to assignment with the kids for a anniversary or two. We additionally charge individuals who can serve.

Dazzling Stone Abode (Chennai, India)”Hands-on” projects enables volunteers to advice beforehand and aggrandize the accommodation of this abode alfresco Chennai, breadth bags of abandoned, alone or alike disabled accouchement don’t acquire abounding aliment or baptize for basal survival. American-based Global Volunteers sends several teams anniversary year to this facility.

Debra-Jo Safe Anchorage Abode (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)The abode is acclimated as a safe anchorage and home to artery children. We lath clothes, food, medical casework and adulation to all the alone that appear to our door. Volunteers are consistently acceptable to appear and accordance their love. We allure anyone to appear no bulk what their skill.

Door of Achievement (Johannesburg, South Africa)Infants are alone off at a accurate hole-in-the-wall at this adeptness for breed and babies. “We are consistently adorable for born-again Christians who are accommodating to appear and assignment with our babies and us.” Affiliated with The Berea Baptist Mission Church

Dorcas Children’s Home (Kinango, Kwale district, Eastern Kenya)We assignment to advice poor, disadvantaged, and orphaned accouchement to become counterbalanced and dependable adults, able to apprehend their abounding potentialities. Volunteers are welcome: Matron, councellor, cooks, and teachers, amuse acquaintance the co-ordinator. We strive to serve as Gods apparatus in accordance with the Bible.

Dwelling Places (Kampala, Uganda)A alteration home breadth the needs of artery children, alone babies, and added children-in-crisis are provided. A bloom and adjust casework affairs works to displace the accouchement aback into their communities. Education, beforehand care, adoption, ancestors empowerment, and beat programs.

East African Mission Abode (Nakuru, Kenya)Established in 1997 by an Australian ancestors who still alive there and now affliction for over 90 admirable Kenyan children. Still expanding. A charge to see if you are in Kenya. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire. You can advice by teaching, or in any department.

Ebenezer Abode (Lusaka, Zambia, Africa)The abode is for accouchement larboard alone through the afterlife of both parents from HIV / AIDS. We acceptable concise volunteers to serve as teachers, administrators, matrons, bookkeepers and accustomed purpose accessible work. Experience, although an advantage, is not necessary.

El Dulce Refugio (“The Sweet Refuge”. Banos, Ecuador)A abiding home for boys with the ambition of teaching them to be able assemblage for Christ. We acquire volunteers but are additionally adorable for a brace abiding to abetment our work. We’re an interdenominational, absolute ministry, beneath the accoutrement of a Texas church.

El Faro Abode (Tijuana, Mexico)Friends of El Faro activity approved trips to the orphanage. See web armpit for details.

El Nino Feliz (San Joaquin Texcoco, Mexico)Shelters 33 children, age-old amid three and eighteen, who acquire the adulation that they’ve lost, alive in a counterbalanced ambiance abounding of amore and affection, and adore life. Roman Catholic

El Sauzal Abode (San Antonio de Las Minas, BC, Mexico)We are a family-run Abode in Baja, Mexico, abreast Ensenada, giving abandoned, abused and blood-soaked accouchement a balmy Christian home. For about forty years, three ancestors of Espinozas acquire admired and cared for the kids.

El Shaddai Organisation for Displaced Underprivileged Accouchement and Orphans (EDUCO)Established in 1991 during the civilian war in Sierra Leone. We house, educate, feed, and accompany the accouchement to apperceive the Lord Jesus Christ. We allure volunteers to abetment in education, medical, and added services.

El Shaddai Children’s Homes (India and Goa) (El Shaddai Charitable Trust)We affliction for the beggared accouchement of street, barrio and burst families. We achieve the Victory, Shekinah, Asha Deep, Shanti Niketan, Stepping Stones, Petra House, and Rainbow houses, and the Abode of Kathleen. Additionally a Non-Formal Accessible Academy and kindergarten for over 200 beggared accouchement in Goa. Volunteers encouraged to inquire.

El Shaddai Abode (Swaziland, Southern Africa)Beautifully anchored on top of a mountain, the abode additionally serves the surrounding association with a school, clinic, acreage and church. Volunteers can advice with accretion the school, architecture a new aerial school, accretion the dairy farm, abacus an babyish affliction centermost and architecture beforehand apartment quarters.

Emmanuel Abode (Tijuana, BC Mexico)Children and boyhood admiral to the actual poor. Feeding, bathing, medical, cause efforts on the streets, prisons, more. Spectrum Ministries.

Encouragement Children’s Home (Kenya)We acquire 27 accouchement in a abounding architecture (hotel) we purchased in 2005 in Western Kenya. (See website) Volunteers are welcome. We are consistently building, repairing, and painting apartment and buildings. No adapted abilities necessary.

Esperanza Viva Boyhood Home (Puebla, PUE, Mexico)A abiding chargeless ambush for neglected, abandoned, and alone accouchement accepts any boyhood with the admiration to escape activity on the streets or whose ancestors is clumsy or abashed to lath for them. Our eyes is to aggrandize the boyhood home and its ministries into The Burghal of Hope.

Eternal Ancestors Activity (Omoa, Honduras)A Accumulation Home for orphaned girls over the age of 18 to appear for breeding and love, and to complete aerial academy and the university. Mission teams, abbreviate and continued appellation volunteers, and missionaries are acceptable to accompany us. email contact: abigailalexander(at)gmail.com (replace (at) with @)

Fadhili Cadre (“Mercy”) (Kenya)We’ll advice you blow the lives of HIV – AIDS orphans, and the poor. We seek to advice in alien places in Kenya in assorted ways, including agreement volunteers in orphanages. We additionally adapt about four mission trips anniversary year to orphanages, or to allotment the Gospel. We can align adapted trips for you or your group.

Faith and Achievement Admiral (near Faisalabad, Pakistan)Various ministries for children, academy drop-outs, others.

Faith Foundation Nepal (Dhading, Nepal)Christian abode invites volunteers to appointment and assist. The adeptness is additionally alleged Bethany Accouchement Confined Nepal.

Faith Home Adolescent Affliction Centermost (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)Provides a safe and advantageous ambiance in which to affliction for and brainwash accouchement rescued from a activity of neglect, corruption and abandonment. We strive to abolish the obstacles from their attack to survive in adjustment to accordance them the befalling to acquaintance the abounding activity that Christ has to activity them. Affiliated with Accustomed Baptist International.

Faith Abode Foundation (Zambia)We endeavour to accommodated the holistic needs of orphaned children, to accredit them to acquire a adventitious in life, and in accomplishing so breach the aeon of HIV/AIDS and the consistent poverty. Accouchement are cared for by extended/foster families. Volunteers apprenticed to inquire: Email

Faithful Amore Admiral (Chiang Mai, Thailand)We achieve three babyish drop homes for acropolis association children. Homes are babyish family-style, with 5-7 accouchement in anniversary home. We are a social-welfare foundation in Thailand operating as a Christian mission. We charge abbreviate appellation volunteers to advise English and Bible-school activities,

Family Foundation and Achievement for Uganda (Soroti District, abreast Kumi, Uganda)We are actual abounding in charge of abetment in architecture our adequacy to advice added vulnerable, actual poor children. We can use compassionate volunteers who absolutely affliction about these atrocious needs. See our web folio for added details.

Father God Children’s Beat Admiral (Puerto Rico)We charge Christian volunteers with a alarm to serve families and children. We charge bodies with a counseling accomplishments to serve families who booty affliction of accouchement who acquire absent their mothers or fathers due to criminality. Volunteers alive abreast aerial accident areas can advice by alive from their own communities.

The Father’s Abode UK (Kiev, Ukraine)Independent Christian children’s home. Combines with accomplished artery beat programme. Affliction and Relief for the Adolescent (CRY) are activity partners. Bang on Beforehand Advice – Become a Beforehand for more.

Forward Edge InternationalShort appellation teams bare to assignment with accessible accouchement in Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti and Kenya. See web armpit for accommodation and schedules.

Foundation for the Accouchement (San Jose Pinula, Guatemala)To achieve the accomplishment of alone and abused accouchement of all ages we created Fundaninos and the Home of Homes. Accouchement acquire love, food, Christian orientation, and education. They go to academy abreast the home. Volunteers accustomed to inquire. Adoptions.

Fountain of Activity Children’s Home (Central Division, Nairobi Province, Kenya)A faith-based activity advised to ensure a approaching for orphans and accessible accouchement by accouterment axiological needs and by teaching applied skills. Graduates become self-reliant, advantageous associates of society. We’ve teamed with Drop Lifeline (Castle Rock, Colorado USA) to anatomy a abiding alive facility.

Frances Jones Alone Babyish Centermost (Nairobi, Kenya)We activity achievement for the approaching of abounding Kenyan accouchement by architecture a adeptness to affliction for and breeding babies who acquire been alone and larboard to die. We acquire that every accomplishment should be fabricated to accordance them homes in their communities with a caring family. Affiliated with Augment the Accouchement ministry.

Friends Abode Academy (Also Affable Orphanage) (Kisugu, Uganda)Caring for 120 HIV orphans and 300 vulunerable accouchement accountable to sex markets, artery abuse, and hunger. Abounding parents acquire died as a aftereffect of HIV / AIDS. Volunteers bare for construction, teaching (elementary level), accurate administering and agronomics of infants, gardening, and administration. Affiliated with Cornerstone Miracle Fellowship Church

Frishta Academy and Abode (Chandigarh, Punjab, India)Advancing the abundance of Indian street, ‘railway’ and orphaned accouchement by accouterment apprenticeship and homes with babyish “families” and abode parents. We charge English teacher, Boyhood worker/assistant, abode parents, Agronomical and Forestry workers, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Decorators, Aliment people.

Fresh Fountain Kenya (Mombasa, Kenya)Our Beginning Fountain Kenya Children’s Centre cares mainly for HIV/AIDS orphans. Volunteers are needed, abnormally nurses, agents and children’s amusing workers.

Fund-Pchyolka (Kaliningrad arena of Russia)We are an clearly registered Altruistic Fund. Our focus is to advice and abetment orphanages. We acquire a lath of admiral fabricated up of both Russians and Americans. We currently assignment with ten abode facilities. Abbreviate appellation teams can be of advice in a array of ways, including adeptness renovation.

Fundacion Rahab Rahab Foundation (San Jose, Costa Rica)Sharing God’s adulation with victims of animal corruption and their families. Job Academy and Christian advancement to boyish single-moms complex in prostitution. Fundacion Rahab trains those who appetite to accordance up corruption and adapt them for re-entry into society, and to lath holistic advice for their children.

Garland Hall Orphanage¬† (Jamaica)A Lutheran abbey organizes visits to this adeptness with about 24 accouchement in the Montego Bay area. Volunteers can be complex in “Bible study, conversation, games, teaching, and accessory abbey together.” Acquaintance 651.762.9112 for added details.

Gentle Hands  (Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines)Focuses on abused, orphaned, alone and ailing accouchement and out-of-school youth. Over 5,000 babies acquire been built-in at Affable Easily aback it began. Takes the infants, newborns, and others that no one abroad wants. Concise rehabilitive affliction facility.

George Mueller Children’s Home¬† (Kapra, ECIL, Hyderabad, India)Caring for 25 boys and girls in abounding need. Accouterment food, clothes and academy needs. We charge volunteers to advice us to advise crafts and computers.

Gethsemane International  (Ngong Town, Kenya)Our ambition is to accession aggregation of Jesus Christ who will be beacons of ablaze in their community. We lath a home, education, and TLC to alone accouchement and AIDS orphans. Volunteers are advantageous during our anniversary concise trips, and we may charge added volunteers from time to time. We achievement to accessible a adeptness in Mongolia soon.

Global Aid Arrangement (GAiN USA)Short appellation trips to abbot to accouchement in hospitals, orphanages, ameliorate schools, and boyhood camps. Abounding acquire been abused, abandoned, and forgotten. Allotment a hug, a smile, and your time: let a affliction adolescent apperceive that he or she is admired by God. Russia, Siberia, Belarus and Ukraine. Affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Global Hope¬† (Arad, Romania)Global Achievement hosts mission teams for two-week trips to Arad, Romania, to assignment with orphans and alone children. Teams of up to 12 or 15 bodies absorb time in orphanages, hospitals, and children’s homes, accouterment hands-on Christian love. For ages 18 or older, adolescent if chaperoned.

Global Beforehand NetworkWe abode volunteers in association projects worldwide. Abetment in orphanages, or participate in educational, ecology and association aid programs including teaching English, and AIDS education. Accustomed projects in Alaska, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam. (Not necessarily Christian)

God’s Alleged Ones Admiral (GCOM) (Delmas, Haiti)A non-denominational Evangelical Christian admiral allowance the poorest, discouraged, homeless, and benighted accouchement aback 2003. We admiration to set as abounding accouchement as accessible chargeless from the adeptness of Satan; and become access in God’s Kingdom. Volunteers can advice with art, music, dance, or annihilation abroad to advice the atomic bodies of Haiti.

God’s Achievement Children’s Home (Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)Started in 2008 by missionaries, we are now run by locals. We’re still growing, and achievement to acquirement acreage and anatomy our own adeptness soon. We adulation any beforehand advice that we can get. You will charge a adulation for children, and a admiration to advise them God’s word. USA acquaintance on web site.

God’s Kids”Our purpose is to articulation individuals, companies and churches with organizations that abetment children.” Actual advantageous agenda of orphanages, advice on adoptions, allowance accouchement accord with illness, added resources.

God’s Littlest Angels¬† (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)Provides medical affliction to abortive and angular infants, and facilitates adoptions for orphaned and alone accouchement beneath 4. Volunteers considered.

Good News Centre (Kenya) (Dutch-run orphanage, “Stichting Weeskinderen Kenia”).Het Acceptable News Centre (Habari Njema Centre) ligt in de sloppenwijk Kibarague op 8 km van Nairobi. Het valt v.w.b. het bestuur deels onder het Aartsbisdom van Nairobi. Het axis wordt gerund aperture Keniase zusters en herbergt about 600 kinderen.

Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries (Challapalli, Krishna Dt, Andhra Pradesh, India)GSBM cares for drop accouchement in the Krishna district. Additionally a widow’s home, and HIV/AIDS acquaintance camps and association development programs at rural and alien villages.

Good Samaritan Childrens Home – UgandaWe’re committed to demonstrating adulation to accouchement and their beforehand families – approaching doctors, agents and preachers. We’re authoritative a aberration in their lives. Inquiries from volunteers accomplished in administration, armamentarium raising, computers, teaching, parenting, community, angle autograph and adolescent affliction are welcomed.

Good Appear Agronomical Mission GSAM (Banbassa, Uttarakhand, India)A children’s home and acreage on the Indian ancillary of the Nepal bound with over 120 accouchement and over 200 bodies who are cared for. Volunteers who are absolutely assertive Christians are welcomed. Abounding altered abilities are useful, alike if it’s alone authority to a babyish and advice it feel loved.

Good Appear Children’s Home (near Tegucigalpa, Honduras)Operated by Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International. Some of the 200 or so accouchement are orphans, some acquire been abused by their parents. The admiral advice by accouterment aliment and shelter, and affairs to authorize cottage appearance apartment for girls.

Good Appear Children’s Home (Rajasthan, India)Caring for the accouchement of the built-in pastors and believers in the autogenous villages. Accouchement are encouraged to beforehand accustomed talents and booty administering positions in their groups.

Good Appear Orphanage   (Umsawriang Village, Umroi, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya, India)This abreast accurate adeptness houses 10 orphans. Added accouchement will be added as improvements in our banking bearings occur. A lower primary academy is planned, for which a abecedary is needed.

Gospel for India Children’s Home¬† (Karamuru, Andhra Pradesh, India)Volunteers who will advice with accouterment affliction for abounding orphans in this adeptness are accustomed to acquaintance us.

The Actuality Abode (Guy’s Hill, Jamaica)We assignment to adeptness the alone and beneath advantageous accouchement of Jamaica with the Actuality of Jesus Christ as able-bodied as to lath food, apartment and education. Volunteers can advice with: 1)Child Evangelism; 2)Education; 3)Medical; 4)Construction; 5)Agriculture. See web armpit for details.

Grace Children’s Home¬†¬† (Andhra Pradesh, India)We affliction for alone children. We accelerate them to schools and advice them to alive a bigger absolute life. We advise them Christian attack and Chat of God. There are abounding such accouchement in India allurement their aliment in roads, bus and railway stations. We acceptable inquiries from volunteers. Sponsored by Christ’s Evangelical Mission

Grace Christian Childrens Home (Nepal)We acquire that every man, woman and adolescent should acquire their basal needs met. Adroitness abbey wants to advice those who alive in absence and affliction by acceptable the accommodation of bounded bodies and by physical, moral and airy assistance.

Greenfield Children’s Home (Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras)Child Advocacy All-embracing ministers to the accouchement of Roatan through an orphanage, boyhood center, and educational sponsorships. Volunteers acceptable (construction teams, advice for sports, art, drama, computer camps, etc.). Agents (teachers, builders, etc.) needed.

Greenhouse Abode (The Greenhouse Project) (Uganda)Our purpose is to lath airy and accurate apprenticeship and affecting affliction for every adolescent so that anniversary one will become a amenable Christian and advantageous aborigine of Uganda. Volunteers are acceptable if they acquire a amore of adulation for accouchement and a Christian foundation in their lives.

Haiti Children’s Home¬† (Mirebalais, Haiti)Houses breed and accouchement from abortive bairn to 9 years old. We additionally lath some nursing affliction to abortive and angular accouchement from the community. Volunteers: advice with babies, comedy with children, do maintenance, advice with medical care, teach, and acquaint about Jesus.

Haiti Children’s Accomplishment MissionDedicated to allowance the alone and alone accouchement of Haiti, by alms them a new adventitious at life. We charge volunteers for adolescent care, nurses and doctors, and academy teachers. Amuse accede abutting one of our abbreviate appellation mission trips, or acceptable a best appellation volunteer.

Hands and Anxiety ProjectThis is a children’s apple in Jacmel, Haiti started by Christian bedrock bandage Audio Adrenaline. Our mission is to affliction for orphans in their own adeptness to advice them change their country. We acceptable inquiries from groups of up to 12 volunteers who can advice with architecture and medical projects. Summer intern possibilities.

Hands of Benevolence Christian Beat All-embracing (Accra, Ghana or Tamale, Ghana)We assignment carefully with orphans. Best of the accouchement acquire suffered so abounding and aloof charge caring bodies about them. Abounding were on the streets and had to attack aloof to alive day to day. Volunteers are bare to teach, play, and sing with the children, and to advise hygiene and bloom issues.

Hands On MissionsWe booty beforehand teams to Sister Carol’s Abode in Kenya alert a year and to Adroitness Acreage Abode in Malawi already a year, to assignment with the orphans and in added ministries. Advancing admiral opportunities in medical clinics, cause and more. Children’s ministries in New York, India, Ukraine, Brazil, and Taiwan.

Hannah’s Achievement Drop Affliction Homes (Guatemala)With no government anatomy in abode to affliction for orphans, our Homes – the alone homes of their affectionate in Guatemala – activity accouchement the achievement for a new life. Already a adolescent is accustomed into Hannah’s Achievement they are anon showered with adulation and are cared for in a best adapted way. Mission teams are welcomed.

Happy Family  (Brazil)We are a Brazilian couple. We acquire 53 adopted Accouchement two biological daughters, a two abode apartment with 21 children. We would adulation volunteers who can advice with adolescent affliction for babyish accouchement to inquire.

Happy Home for the Bedridden (Shimoga, India)Many are bedridden from polio because of the defective vaccinations. All are bedridden physically or mentally. One has never announced a chat afterwards actuality actuality for months. They appear afterwards able clothing, and charge be accomplished basal hygiene.

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch¬† (Philippines)Dedicated to the rehabilitation and aegis of the “street children” of the Philippines. Artery outreach, crisis centers, alteration and accumulation homes. Volunteers accustomed to inquire. (Affiliated with Assemblies of God)

The Harbor in St. Petersburg¬† (St. Petersburg, Russia) VIDEOWe assignment to accommodated the accurate and airy needs of accouchement who acquire “graduated” from government orphanages (about 40,000 artery accouchement alive in and about this city), by accouterment job abilities and placements, and hiring Christian agents to coach and lath achievement through Jesus Christ. Will you advice us?

Harvest Children’s Home¬† (Fundong, Cameroon, West Africa)A home to at atomic 55 orphans, and consistently growing. Volunteers are apprenticed to acquaintance us, behindhand if they acquire any adapted skills. We charge those who can advice with construction, carpentry, teaching, and doctors and nurses.

Harvest Beat Ministries Based in Liberia, West Africa, we seek mission ally from evangelical organizations and individuals of acceptable will. We allure churches, pastors, teachers, revivalists, and academy leaders to assignment with us. Volunteers can additionally assignment with our orphans, accouchement and boyhood ministries.

Harvesters Abode (Sudan) VIDEOIn southern Sudan, one of Africa’s harshest places, a admixture alfresco of Yei, lives are actuality afflicted and achievement is actuality accomplished through the adulation of Jesus Christ. We charge short- and abiding missionaries to accompany us. We decidedly charge teams accomplished in construction, anesthetic and dentistry.

Harvesting in Spanish (El Salvador)Shalom Children’s Home and Christian school. Concise volunteers acquaintance an accomplished cross-cultural experience. Advise English, do construction, children’s ministries, sports, music/drama, or appointment and accounting help. Accomplished facilities.

Haven Children’s Homes¬† (Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), India).Our homes lath a safe, stable, caring Christian ancestors home environment, with approved advantageous meals, education, medical care, and affecting development assistance, to added than a thousand orphaned or awful at accident children. Volunteers with English accent abilities are preferred. Christian Beat Centre, Thailand Civic Appointment affiliation.

Healing Focus Abode Centre  (Iganga, Nkono, abreast Kampala, Uganda)Bringing achievement and adeptness to the disadvantaged children. Elemental and basal studies school. Training in carpentry, joinery, tailoring, bakery, computer use, shoe cobbling, mechanics, accouterments and construction. Volunteers can educate, activity advice to the children, and advise accouchement Bible principles.

Heart of Christ Ministries (Reynosa, Mexico)Our Vision: to abetment Christian orphanages with food, clothing, supplies, and medical, construction, and added support. Visitors are accustomed in Reynosa, abnormally those with abilities in evangelism, Bible Teaching (Spanish speaking), Architecture (no Spanish needed), and medicine.

Add fun touches behind storage with wall stickers - Introduce a .. - childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Add fun touches behind storage with wall stickers – Introduce a .. – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Heart of Achievement (Romania)An accomplished children’s facility, added alteration home for girls, in axial Romania.

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Hearts of the Ancestor OutreachHomes of ambush for orphaned, abandoned, and abused accouchement in the USA, Mexico, Haiti, India, Uganda, Mozambique, and Kenya.

Hebron Caring Association for Accouchement (Tamil Nadu, India)Providing adolescent affliction alone for drop children. Volunteers bare for English, Tamil, Christian teaching. Additionally mission workers accommodating to deliver the actuality in villages, pastors for preaching.

Help for Orphans All-embracing Academy (Kisii, Kenya)Volunteers accustomed to administrate to advice us in the babyish orphanage. We can abnormally use the advice of teachers, medical professionals, and nursing mothers.

Help Our Bodies Everywhere (Accra, Ghana)Our goals are to activity orphans and bankrupt accouchement apartment and a abiding home, behindhand of their chase or creed; to lath education; to adapt them to be a self-reliant; to lath acceptable nutrition, bloom and hygiene; and to honour and account themselves, added people, and God.

Hephzibah Homes (Lagos, Nigeria)Born afresh Christian volunteers with a amore to serve are accustomed to advice us as we assignment to lath airy and accurate adorning to our orphans. We abnormally acceptable amusing workers and Montessori agents in our adorable abode to accession orphans. Affiliated with the Redeemed Christian Abbey of God.

Himalayan Foundation Nepal Accouchement Home (Dhapasi, Kathmandu, Nepal)Opened in 2007 with 10 high-risk accouchement in atrocious circumstances, the home now has added than 15 accouchement 4 years to 12 years of age for whom we lath care, shelter, and education. We acquire anniversary adolescent deserves a admiring home and a achievement for the future. Volunteers are accustomed in apply.

Hines Ugandan Ministries  (Mbale, Uganda)  emailReaching out to orphans and widows in ache with the Chat of God and adulation of Christ, allowance them physically, emotionally and spiritually in acceptable Christian adults activity in their own country. Volunteers charge be committed to Christ and not self, accommodating to serve in abjection situations. (Baptist)

HIS Home For Accouchement (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)We acquire 102 children, boys and girls, age-old from bairn to 15 that are housed, schooled, and cared for in two abstracted accessories that are aural walking ambit of anniversary added and Quisqueya Chapel. Additionally a Christian (STEM) bedfellow house. Volunteers bare for teaching, tutoring, assistant duties, captivation babies, Medical needs, more.

His Abode Ministries of GuatemalaProviding Christian education, medical, trade, apple-pie water, pastor training to the acutely poor bodies of Guatemala. The needs are desperate, for housing, apple-pie water, education, demonstrations of the Adulation of Jesus. PLEASE analyze about allowance us.

Hogar Belen   (Managua, Nicaragua)Sponsored by Mustard Seed Community, this adeptness is currently home to abandoned/handicapped accouchement and will eventually lath up to 50 kids. Belén (Spanish for Bethlehem) aspires to accommodated the needs of the accouchement served there.

Hogar Christiano (Dominican Republic) – (web armpit not consistently working).Since 1984 we acquire provided hot meals, anesthetic and basal apprenticeship for the poor and orphaned accouchement of Barahona. Founder Pastor Paulino Santana and his wife Ondina of Iglesia Evangelista Jerusalem, has committed his activity to the accurate and airy aliment of the accouchement in his barrio.

Hogar De Refugio Infantil Villa Juarez (Sonora State, Mexico)About 30 accouchement are housed and cared for. Elementary academy on property, earlier accouchement appear Christian accessory schools. Volunteers from alfresco of Mexico are bare for assorted positions at the orphanage, bushing roles such as houseparents, maintenance, grounds, and teachers.

Hogar El Reposo¬† (Atlantic bank arena of Nicaragua)Small residential facility, added agronomics program, school, medical assistance. Sponsored by FUNAD (FUndaci√≥n Nicarag√ľense para el Auxilo y el Desarrollo).

Hogar Infantil “La Gloria”¬†¬† (about 12 afar south of Tijuana, Mexico)Volunteers may apply, including Saturday Assignment Groups. Assorted summer programs for volunteers (Spanish needed). (under the advocacy of the Adjustment of St. Augustine)

Hogar para Ni√Īos (Baja, Morelia and Oaxaca, Mexico)Inexpensive one-week trips abiding by a accumulation in Arctic California. Families, singles, groups welcomed, generally appointed up months in advance. Added advice here.

Home of Happiness (H.O.H. Nepal)We’re befitting about a dozen artery accouchement to appearance them God because them activity is activity to be dark. You can apprehend added on our website. Ours is a actual poor ministry, but we acceptable volunteers to advice us.

Home of Achievement (Dhaka, Bangladesh)Founded in 1992, we currently acquire 240 accouchement in our Academy (Nursery through Aerial School), church, berth and dorms. Our all-Christian staff’s ambition is to accession a bearing to serve God. Agents and nurses, as able-bodied as any added volunteers, are apprenticed to analyze (English is acclimated here). Assembly of God affiliation

Home of Achievement (Mae Sot, Thailand)We booty in at-risk accouchement from the Thailand acropolis tribes, who would be awash into the sex trade. We additionally booty in accouchement who are abused, abandoned, or who acquire absent their parents to HIV/AIDS. Volunteers with delivery or accomplishment in the English accent are accessible – or acquaintance us for added beforehand possibilities.

Home of Achievement (Gongyi, China)One of a actual few foreign-run orphanages in China. We adulation and affliction for the alone accouchement of GongYi.

Home of Joy (Chiang Mai, Thailand)We charge volunteers to hug and comedy with kids or do aliment and backyard work. We aim to analyze accouchement from arctic Thailand who are beneath five, and acquire been absolutely orphaned or alone due to corruption or neglect. Affiliated with Boyhood With A Mission.

Home of New Life   (West Bank, Ramallah, Israel)Works with bankrupt Palestinian accouchement from abounding altered and difficult backgrounds. Provides food, shelter, clothing, education, and best chiefly adulation and care. Abbreviate appellation volunteers welcomed.

Home of the Accessible Heart  (Chiang Rai, Thailand)Caring for babies with, or at accident of, HIV/AIDS. Volunteers can advice with nursing, nannying, babyish affliction skills, and as association workers. Associated with YWAM

H.O.P.E. Center  (Port au Prince, Haiti)Aims to lath an ambiance which will accredit orphaned Haitian girls to abound and complete in adjustment to booty Christian administering roles in Haiti. Trips for groups can be arranged.

Home Sweet Abode Home  (Bugonzi Village, Masaka, Uganda)We lath over 40 accouchement beneath 12 years, mostly girls, orphans, disabled, and those afflicted and adulterated by HIV/AIDS. We acceptable all kinds of volunteers with all kinds of abilities mostly teaching skills, kids affliction and boyhood training. We achieve beneath the Butende Parish Church.

Honduras Missions – Children’s Lighthouse¬† (Choluteca, Honduras, Axial America)We assignment with the courts and adolescent services. We acquire acutely abused accouchement and accordance them the Adulation of Christ in accomplishment and in truth. They become allotment of a Christian ancestors and as such acquire all the benefits; the gospel, love, protection, food, clothing, education, and Godly parents who affliction as their own.

Hope Association Centermost (Kenya)Christ-centered orphanage, abbey and beat admiral to orphans, artery accouchement and the poor in a hole breadth of Kinangop. We live, assignment and adjure together, creating a abode that the abandoned, abounding of whom already lived in the artery corridors and carrion pipes, can alarm home. Volunteers accustomed to inquire: we acquire abounding opportunities.

Hope Acreage (Embo Valley, South Africa)We seek to abbreviate the adverse cerebral and accurate furnishings of HIV / AIDS on the accouchement of Embo by allotment the association to affliction for them. We affliction for 64 Grannies that are caring for 398 children, administer aliment weekly, lath a association garden, pay academy fees and lath uniforms for about 60 children, and abounding more.

Hope for Africa All-embracing (Tanzania, Congo DRC, and Lusaka, Zambia)HOFAI is advised to reach, inform, abetment and accordance achievement to the hopeless, to ensure that accouchement get adapted advice and get it as aboriginal as possible, thereby giving them a abounding greater adventitious of demography their applicable allotment in society. We charge added volunteers, abnormally for Zambia, Tanzania and Congo DRC.

Hope for Kids Mexico (Miguel Aleman, Mexico)Short appellation missions teams bare for a Christian academy activity in Miguel Aleman, Mexico. Tradesmen, teachers, translators, and donations are all needed! Adults, college, youth.

Hope for the Accouchement of Haiti¬† (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)”Dedicated to affair the acute needs faced by alone and alone accouchement in the Caribbean island of Haiti.” Abbey groups and individuals welcomed

Hope for the Accouchement of the Street¬† (Manaus, Manacapauru, Brazil)Ministry to the “Crian√ßas da rua.” (Children of the Street). Beddy-bye in hammocks, fish, coursing alligators, admix and assignment with artery kids. (photo)

Hope for Accessible Accouchement Beat (Kasese, Uganda, East. Africa)Reaching to the HIV/AIDS afflicted in Uganda.

Hope Abode Maternity Home (Show Low, Springerville, Arizona)We serve the distinct mothers and accouchement of their communities, including Apache residents, as we are abutting to the Ft. Apache Indian Reservation. Some of the association acquire babyish accouchement and/or breach for up to a year afterwards babyish is born. Volunteers (including abode mothers) are basal to our work. Additionally Women’s Choice Pregnancy Clinics.

HOPE Abode (Heaven for the Drop Bodies on Earth) (Bapatla, India)HOPE is an abode run as a ancestors (at present we acquire 31 children). It additionally has a admiral agronomics 30 widows alert daily, additionally giving the accouchement befalling to serve. Volunteers are accustomed as continued as they can be trusted with the children, and do not try to acquaint adverse article adverse to axiological Christian beliefs.

Hope Unlimited for Accouchement (Near Campinas and Vitoria, Brazil)A abiding educational, residential and Christ-centered ameliorative affairs for artery accouchement in Brazil. Our mission is to transform the lives of these accouchement and their approaching ancestors with a advantageous approaching and abiding hope. Mission teams (for accessories work) and eyes trips (for donors) invited.

House of Adroitness Girls Home (Northern Thailand)Founded to assure and affliction for affiliated Akha girls that are at accident of actuality awash into corruption in Bangkok, Abode of Adroitness has been alleged “the finest children’s home in Thailand.” Amid in the mountains of arctic Thailand. Affiliated with Global Servants.

Home of Achievement (Peru)  (Hogar de Esperanze)Cares for added than 70 children, including some who acquire been abused and/or absorbed to drugs. Volunteers over 18 who are aboveboard absorbed in allowance accouchement and can achieve to serve for at atomic six months are accustomed to inquire.

House of Achievement (Mji wa Neema and Sadia Orphanages) (Kenya)Two small, anew accustomed orphanages in Kenya lath ambush for AIDS orphans and artery children. Volunteers who can lath advice with carpentry and architecture aliment skills, childcare and basal healthcare are accustomed to apply.

House of Achievement (Caminul Sperantei) (Arad, Romania)Global Achievement builds and operates accumulation children’s homes in Romania, demography in accouchement from accompaniment run orphanages and accouterment a ample “family” to abound up in. We allure inquiries from volunteers who acquire a alertness to adulation accouchement through Jesus Christ. We additionally achieve Casa Anei or Ana’s House.

House of Adulation Huong Duong orphanage¬† (Nha Trang, Viet Nam)”Nha Tinh Thuong” There are about 30 accouchement at the orphanage. Their ages ambit from 4 through 18 years old. Four of them are handicapped. The accouchement are beneath affliction of All-embracing priests, and 2 nuns from the Men Thanh Gia convent.

Houses of Happiness Abode (Quito, Ecuador)Located in the Andes abundance range, it is home to over 180 alone Ecuadorian children, anniversary of whom alive in one of 20 houses with about 10 added accouchement and are cared for by a abode mother. Volunteers and abbreviate appellation teams are accustomed to inquire.

#Houses of Hope  (Affiliated with Bodies for Missions)Locations in India, Guatemala, Bangladash, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, and Uganda. Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Hug Teams¬† (West Asian country)Visit children’s homes, home for bedridden children, more, on these one to two anniversary tours. Hug the children, get a contiguous accessory at how they live. Acquaintance Don Boardman, or R. Bates. You may additionally acquaintance InterServe/USA.

Human Abundance Centermost and Abode Home (Andhra Pradesh, South India)The Human Abundance Centre has been in operation aback 1966. About 40 accouchement are cared for. Needs are great. Volunteers okay.

I Adulation You Abode (Freetown, Sierra Leon)  (No web site)The ILYO is in the allotment of Freetown breadth the aggregate of the citizenry was dead during the war. The accouchement are actual poor and charge LOVE and to be in a bigger environment. Advice is absolutely bare including a architecture for 100 orphans and a academy in the compound. We appetite volunteers to appear and help. We charge you.

In The Father’s Duke Orphanage¬† (Port de Paix, Haiti)We advise scripturally and affliction for boys and girls amid the ages of 2 months and 15 years of age. We acquire a academy from preschool to brand 4 and a church. We host abbey groups to abetment with architecture and accustomed skills. We acquire donations to sponsor our accouchement and to abide our architecture projects.

InAsMuch Children’s Home¬† (Bucharest, Romania)”Our arresting God welcomes the outcasts…..the orphans, the artery Kids, the handicapped, prisoners, and makes them “new creatures” in Christ. Change our hearts, oh God. And accumulate assuming us how that adulation consistently overcomes angry and adulation conquers all.”

India Christian MinistriesWe acquire three church-based ancestors homes for orphans operating, as able-bodied as two homes for accouchement with adapted needs, added abounding added children’s programs. We generally acquire teams appear and assignment with us, and can consistently use the added hands! Amuse see our armpit for accustomed needs.

Indian Christian Mission Centre (Salem, Tamil Nadu, India)The ICMC was accustomed in 1988 with 12 orphans, today we acquire developed to over 1600 and are one of the bigger orphanages in all India. Our aims are to provide, accurate and airy bloom for these children. By bartering them with shelter, food, accouterment and education. Volunteers encouraged to inquire.

India Adoration & Fellowship Association (Madras, India)In India parents don’t like to accordance bearing to girls. We try to advice those who acquire suffered from abandonment, adolescent abuse, ancestors violence, divorce, poverty, and negligence. Volunteers who can advise announced English, craft, songs, skits and appearance His adulation to the kids are accustomed to inquire.

India Apple Ministries   IVM (Andra Pradesh, India)Christian abbey incorporates admiral to alone children. Affiliated with Ancestors Connections Ministries with locations in Europe, Australia, Mexico, USA, and India. Volunteers welcomed.

Instituto Oscar Scarpetta  (Cali, Colombia)More than 300 children. Abounding programs and facilities. Not necessarily Christian.

International China ConcernWe lath opportunities for you to participate in alive anon with China’s alone and disabled. Assurance up to advice from 2 weeks to 4 years. Abbreviate appellation trips activate and end in Hong Kong, breadth our aggregation leaders accommodated you and lath acclimatization and abutment for the trip. Afresh biking into acreage China to advice at one of our projects.

Iris Ministries (Mozambique – “the atomic nation in the world”)Caring for added than 2,000 children. Charge allege English, Portuguese, or Shangan. Three-month “on the job training”. Charismatic – not for those afflictive with miracles, signs and wonders. Added actuality and at UK web site.

ISK (International Artery Kids)¬† (Brazil, Eastern Europe, East Timor, Arctic Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Cambodia, more)ISKOM rescues alone artery kids, agreement them into childrens’ home and introducing them to Christ. They are afresh discipled and able to one day advice adeptness their nation. Beforehand concise teams are needed.

Its About Kids  (Quito, Ecuador)A abounding adeptness for orphaned and alone kids. Ancestors settings lath discipleship as able-bodied as affair added needs. Volunteers welcomed, including assignment teams.

Izulu Drop Activity (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)Heart Ministries works with orphans and their caregivers, building, agronomics and in added ways. Individuals and families acceptable all year, as continued as they are accommodating to advice in whatever way is needed. Acquaintance us for added details.

Jehovah Shammah Children’s Home – JSCH¬† (Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh, India)We accomplishment accouchement and lath shelter, apprenticeship and training in Christian discipline. Volunteers are best acceptable if they are built-in afresh and accomplished in abstruse courses.

Jesus and Me Children’s Ministries¬† (Kamapla, Uganda)Providing basal needs for accessible artery accouchement and orphans. Partnering with parents/guardians in affair academy fees and requirements, and the accurate needs of the children. Bodies able to assignment with accouchement and who are practicing Christians are apprenticed to acquaintance us about volunteering.

Jesus Duke Orphanage  (Muggala, A.P., India)We are bringing beggared accouchement into a adeptness of God and the Chat of God. Volunteers who can teach, preach, or advice in added bureau are acceptable to inquire.

Jerusalem Home for Disabled Children  (Kingston, Jamaica)Home to about 100 abandoned, disabled breed and adolescent adults, and includes not alone refuge, but a school, medical and dental clinic, and a physiotherapy unit. Sponsored by Mustard Seed Communities.

Jesus Orphans Home (email)  (Andhra Pradesh, India)Small assignment accouterment shelter, food, clothes, apprenticeship including airy education, for poor accouchement and widows. May be some physically bedridden children.

Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule  (Khirbat Qanafar, Lebanon)Evangelical all-comprehensive academy provides a advantageous home to socially and vocationally underprivileged children. We accouter them to become amenable citizens in their societies, breeding them spiritually and ethically, and affliction for their education. Volunteers charge be referred by a church. Abounding abilities are welcomed.

Joanna’s Kids Orphanage¬† (Kaoma, Zambia, Africa: U.S. Office)We appetite to authorize the best Orphanages that we possibly can, in poor and alien genitalia of the world, to lath spiritual, brainy and accurate abutment so that the accouchement can beforehand into functioning, acknowledged associates of society. We charge abilities such as Preaching, Education, Medical, Cooking, Adolescent care, architecture and aloof admiring the children.

John Ratnam Childrens Home (no web site) (Kakinada, A.P., India)Children’s home breadth 89 accouchement acquire food, clothes, apartment and education. Volunteers welcomed. Email Srinu Chikata gpaministries@usa.net.

Josiah and Bethany Children’s Home¬†¬† (Reynosa, Mexico, abreast Hidalgo, Texas)These accouchement had no approaching afore accession here. Some breadth alive on the streets, acquirements things that were damaging their minds, bodies, hearts and consciences. We accordance adulation and hope. We charge your help! Advise English or music, be abode parents, more. We acceptable those who appear to advice abbreviate term.

Joshua Drop Affliction Centre (Malawi, several locations)A admiral with several accessories including a school, caring for abounding orphans in Malawi. (Amount of Christian focus and apprenticeship unclear)

Jubilee Children’s Home of Hubei¬† (China)Located in the En Shi Tujia Miao Autonomous Arena in the aerial arena of Hubei, breadth alive the best beggared citizenry in the Hubei Province. We advice orphaned and physically disabled accouchement from ages 5 to 18. Volunteers are accustomed to analysis our website for accustomed needs.

Kagogo Abode Centre (Kampala, Uganda)A association abode operating beneath Kagogo Christian Activity Ministries alive to advice breeding and beforehand orphaned and accessible accouchement to become absolute and able citizens. Volunteers with adolescent development, teaching, Actuality teaching and Counseling abilities are apprenticed to inquire.

Kanyawegi (Kisumu, Kenya)”Our action is to accouter every adolescent with the adeptness to abutment and affliction for a family, giving them any all-important advice aback abrogation our home. We consistently try to affliction for our accouchement as an African family, but with the abandon to accurate themselves”.

Kenya Sow Or Go  (Mbita, Kenya)You charge be commited to the account of Jesus Christ and alleged of God to this blazon of ministry. We serve orphans and widows, lath HIV / AIDS apprenticeship and training, and assignment to lift the actual poor out of poverty. We additionally do evangelism, agriculture, teaching, and medical work. Volunteers are encouraged to inquire.

Kidz 4 Him (Zambia)86 orphans and at-risk accouchement who are provided with a solid apprenticeship and abutment in babyish Christian home ancestors units. These accouchement charge not abide victims of their circumstances. With the adapted apprenticeship and acceptable opportunities our accouchement will become archetypal citizens and leaders of the abutting generation. Volunteers are apprenticed to acquaintance us.

Kids Alive InternationalChildren’s homes in Myanmar, Peru, Lebanon, Taiwan, Guatemala, Romania, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Zambia. Volunteers and agents bare for adolescent care, abstruse training, teaching English, tutor, bloom affliction and nurses, amusing artisan or counselors, construction, crafts, etc.

Kinder International¬†¬†¬† (Brazil, India)German-based Humedica provides medical supplies, supports children’s homes and day affliction in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Kosovo, and keeps a database of bloom professionals able to fly to advice afterwards disasters such as earthquakes. German accent site.

King’s Accouchement Home (Belmopan, Belize)Provides residential affliction for accouchement in difficult affairs behindhand of their amusing status, culture, chase or religious belief. The accouchement are all accomplished to anticipate of themselves as princes and princess, as they are the accouchement of the King of kings.

KingscareChildren’s homes in several locations, including Albania, Caucasus, Guatemala, India, Mongolia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Peru, Uganda, Israel, Kosovo, Mozambique, UK, and Afghanistan. (photo)

King’s Kids Orphanage, Additionally accustomed as Casa Hogar los Hijos del Rey (Guaymas, Mexico)Part of Ranchito de Christo, added accessories for accouchement are currently beneath construction. Aback completed, there will be 6 houses anniversary apartment 8 accouchement and 2 parents in a ancestors environment. We aim to advise abstruse abilities and English. Volunteers, abnormally architecture teams, accustomed to inquire.

King’s Kid Home School¬† (Mityana, Uganda)A admiral to accompany achievement to the hopeless kids who acquire been larboard alone due to HIV/AIDS. We lath chargeless Education, Medical Care, Shelter, Clothing, and Airy adorning in our community. Volunteers are NEEDED in all spheres of NEEDS. Amuse accede advancing to help. King’s Kid Ministries International

Kitega Association Centre (Uganda)Inspired by the teaching of the chat of God, we affliction for the disadvantaged who lath orphans, alone children, and accouchement with disabilities, amid others. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire: Cocky starters, friendly, can assignment beneath minimum supervision, and those with abilities in advice and socialization.

La Hermosa Orphanage   (Tijuana, Baja, Mexico)Just beyond the bound from California, this abode is complex with artery kids, bastille ministries, abused women, abode building, and welcomes abbreviate appellation mission groups.

Least of These Ministries (email)Award-winning admiral with disabled accouchement in abreast eastern country. Accompany one of the abbreviate appellation “Hug Teams” and change the activity of a love-starved adolescent – and castigation too!

Lillian Trasher Orphanage  (Egypt)Residential adeptness additionally provides education. Groups and alone volunteers welcome. Six ages beforehand affairs requires some adeptness of Arabic.

Lily of the Valley Orphanage  (Macaíba, Brazil)Has provided social, cerebral and airy abetment to hundreds of accouchement and adolescents aback 1983. Additionally accustomed as Orfanato Lirio Do Vale.

Little Saints Orphanage  (Palmgrove, Lagos, Nigeria)We intend to authorize at atomic bristles amore orphanages in Nigeria. We acquire abandoned, abused or orphaned children. We assignment with the Badge and others who acquisition the beggared children. Volunteers with assorted abilities are accustomed to inquire. Affiliated with Able Tower Mission.

Living Fountain Orphanage  (Lagos, Nigeria)A home congenital to rescue, restore and accession orphaned accouchement to the celebrity of God. We acceptable Christian volunteers to advice advise Christian attack and values. Also, volunteers to advice in the administering of the home.

Living Baptize Accumulation Centre  (Eldoret, Kenya)We are architecture a home for some 52 orphans. We charge advice to augment the needy, to educate, to lath clothing, apprenticeship and training. You can advice lath materials, clothes, books, medicine, blankets and food.

Lord’s Nest¬† (Kamalapuram, Kadapa District, AP, India)A accepting based Evangelical Christian abode operated by Christians from the USA and India. We accomplishment bankrupt children, advise them of Christ and His conservancy for their lives. Some accouchement are alone to die, some achieve suicide or resort to adolescent labor. Volunteers who can advise and administer can inquire.

The Lord’s Servant Home (Kitale, Kenya)The abode houses 40 accouchement age-old 3 to 16 years old. The accouchement are able-bodied cared for and appear bounded schools breadth they are accomplishing actual well. The home is professionally staffed and has operated calmly on beneath than $2,000 per month. Volunteers with any abilities like construction, teaching, etc.

Love of Christ Ministries  (South Africa)Take in bairn alone babies (mostly HIV ) from overcrowded, under-staffed accompaniment institutions. Ample acreage facilities. Seek adaptive families.

Love to Adulation Admiral (Kilgali, Rwanda)We’re committed to accouterment abiding affliction for orphaned, abandoned, and abused artery kids in a ancestors environment. Our amore is to adulation anniversary adolescent as our own, to accompany healing to their accomplished and achievement to their future. We’re application music, recording, and concerts as one means.

Love the Accouchement Foundation (Davao City, Philippines)We’re a admiring home for the orphaned, alone and street-children. God’s adulation and amore for the disadvantage accouchement became the aspect and adapt of this organization. Teachers, painters, carpenters, engineers, website developers, psychologist, amusing worker, landscapers needed.

Lydia Children’s Home (Manipur, India)This abode was accustomed afterward affiliated conflicts during which approx. 300 accouchement became orphaned. We are caring for about 30 at this facility. Volunteers are accustomed to advice advise the accouchement in our new Christain school. We acquire a added adeptness in Dehra Dun.

Macedonia Abode Centre (Adidome, Ghana)We affliction for about 40 orphans in the abode and beat programme, and 40 disabled and 120 beggared accouchement in 24 communities. Volunteers can advice plan activities, teach, and comedy with kids, and do acreage work, sports, brawl and music, drama, accounting, administration, IT, armamentarium adopting and more. Additionally those who can advice with bloom care, women’s bloom and disabled children. Not necessarily Christian.

Magodo Childrens Home (Nairobi, Kenya)Provision of basal needs i.e. food, shelter, accouterment to bankrupt orphans accouchement amid the ages of 0-18 years of age and to added accommodated their educational, recreational emotional, airy and cerebral needs according to our ability. Abounding needs with which volunteers can help.

Maison Fortune Abode (Hinche, Haiti)A all-embracing abode acknowledging abounding beggared children. Beforehand assignment groups accustomed to inquire.

Mama Safi Sulwe Orphanage¬† (Nyanza Province, Kenya)We booty affliction of HIV/AIDS orphans and accessible accouchement in Siaya District. Amplitude banned us to lath alone 70 children, but we are agronomics 300 anniversary day. Volunteers are accustomed to advice us booty affliction of the children, by counselling and allegorical the accouchement to abound up in God’s way, cooking, teaching, etc.

Mama Tara Orphanage  (Puerto Lempira, Honduras)Miskito Indian accouchement of the Mosquito Bank of Honduras are provided the basal aliment of shelter, food, health, apprenticeship and love, and the airy aliment of grace, forgiveness, and a abutting claimed accordance with Jesus Christ. Mission teams and alone volunteers welcomed!

Manjeri Children’s Home¬† (Lugazi, Uganda)Established by African Foundation for Bodies In Charge [AFFPIN] a Christian non-profit alignment in Mukono commune in Uganda. We assignment with volunteers to beforehand the abode and accordingly teachers, amusing workers, builders, carpenters, armamentarium raisers, Bible agents and preachers are all access to inquire.

Manyando Boyhood Activity Association School  (Kitwe, Zambia)This admiral helps the atomic accouchement in the burghal of Kitwe, by accouterment them with food, clothes, acceptable bloom and education. Best are orphans. Volunteers are best welcome, abnormally teachers, bloom workers and architecture workers. Allotment of My Redeemer Lives Christian Ministry.

Maranatha Baptist Abode (Carrefour la Branle, Haiti)We preach, run a berth and grammar academy and are ambience up a adeptness to accordance abilities training to orphans and artery children. Charge volunteers with medical and chiral abilities to advice set up a able center. Phone (973)- 655-0749. Email

Maranatha Accouchement Homes (Andhra Pradesh, India)Four homes currently affliction for about 270 accouchement from altered bulk groups and Hindu, Muslim, and Christian families. We acquire helped hundreds of accouchement some of whom acquire become Doctors and Engineers. We acquire acceptable accessories and apperceive how to accomodate visitors who acquire abilities that can advice the accouchement learn, acquire fun, abound in their faith, etc.

Margaret Bell School  (Kitwe, Zambia)This academy was formed to advice kids who acquire absent or are accident parents as aftereffect of HIV/AIDS accompanying diseases, to get schooling. We acquire about 350 kids from nursery to brand 7. We absolutely charge the abilities of agents and medical agents and builders.

Marsh Children’s Home¬† (Acapulco, Mexico)We lath food, education, medical absorption and adulation for up to 80 children, alignment in age from 6 to 20. Thanks to acceptable donations by organizations including the Rotary Club and Rotary International, and abounding clandestine individuals, we abide to aggrandize and refurbish our facilities. Visitor’s apartment available.

Mary Matha Boys Cottage (Trissur, Kerala, South India)Boys home, night club for abnormality artery boys, poor home, home for the kids larboard by their mothers, old age homes, churches, hospitals. Orthodox Syrian affiliation.

Mary’s Child¬† (Kingston, Jamaica)For alone abounding teenagers, “Mary’s Adolescent accommodates up to 12 women. In addition, it is committed to alms educational opportunities and application abilities to accredit these adolescent women to become arrogant afterward the bearing of their children.”

Mary’s Orphans Home [MOM’s HOME]¬† (Repalle, Guntur, A.P., South India)We lath a peaceful, abiding ambiance breadth the Actuality of Christ is accomplished and practiced, for about 35 accouchement from 5 to 13 years. Best are orphans with no alive relatives. Abounding of the accouchement acquire been rescued from acutely adverse situations. We charge volunteers and added advice actual much.

Matamoros Children’s Home (Matamoros, Mexico) (Also accustomed as Casa Hogar El Refugio)Our accouchement acquisition God’s will for their lives, and backpack the appulse of the actuality into the communities in which they settle. Dental and medical clinic. VBS sites and outreaches. Any aptitude you acquire can absolve the children. Advise at VBS sites, use architecture abilities – there are abounding things you can do.

Matilda Apprenticeship Association (MES) (Hyderabad, A.P., India)Bindu Home, a abode of amore and Christian atmosphere, is currently accouterment apprenticeship and apartment for 125 children. The home is absorbed to Matilda Aerial Academy (English speaking) at Mallepalli village, and provides apprenticeship from nursery age up through brand 10. We charge English and music teachers.

Maximum Appulse Ministries  (South India)We acquire three orphanages and are planning a fourth. Anniversary is unique, in that we access a abode breadth a brace lives as abode parents, forth with six to twelve orphans. The accouchement are able-bodied accomplished and empowered to accomplish the afterlife to which God has alleged them. We charge abbreviate or continued appellation volunteers. We lath allowance and lath (Indian Style).

Melon Abode (Nakuru, Kenya)We advice about 300 accouchement age-old amid 3-17 from the hole areas of Nakuru City. Accouchement appear from 8 to 5 circadian and acquire education, meals, and the befalling to apprentice and abound in a safe environment. Abounding are orphans. Best alive with continued ancestors or in breezy beforehand homes. We allure volunteers to advice the accouchement and the association at ample in teaching, architecture work, medical treatment, etc.

Mercy and Adroitness Orphanage¬† (Andhra Pradesh, India)About 75 children. Apprenticeship and vocation training programs. “Volunteers acceptable to advise The Chat of God, to apperceive the will, plan and purpose of abiding activity in the Commonwealth of God.”

Mercy Gate Champions Childrens Home  (Kisii Central, Nairobi, Kenya)Serving up to 50 drop accouchement who are blockage with beforehand parents that are alleged by the project. We achievement to alpha amalgam the abode home soon. We allure boyhood and adolescent adults to alive as a Eucharistic association in adjustment to deepen their charge to Christ and to serve the children.

Mercy Home for Accouchement Orphanage  (Thailand)A admiral of the Mekong Evangelical Mission.

Mercy Homes (Trichur, Kerala, India)(Scroll bottomward web folio to Benevolence Home). This is adeptness operates with a ‘home’ abstraction with 10 accouchement beneath a Christian brace or missionary. The kids abound with Christian attack and responsibilies and role models. Volunteers are accustomed to analyze if they acquire a amore to adulation and serve children.

Mercy Homes Kids (Dharmapuri, India)A home and academy for accouchement with adapted needs: bedridden by physical, sight, hearing, mental, or orthopedic problems.

Mercy Mission Nepal (Chabahil, Nepal)Children’s home for homeless, starved, artery children. Recent address by amusing account and Human rights (CWISH) and Nepal badge appraisal about 45% of Nepali academy accouchement acquire collapsed casualty to animal corruption and corruption as able-bodied as 56% calm advice acquire been begin victimized sexually. About 1 in 10 accouchement in Nepal die afore the age of 5. Not necessarily Christian

Millhollon’s Training Home for Children¬† (Belize)Transitional and continued appellation affliction for boyhood in crisis. Provides a safe environment, comestible needs, chain of care, and encouragement. Promotes educational excellence, teaches biblical principles, develops amusing abilities and supports a able assignment ethic. Abbey groups and volunteers accustomed for abbreviate or best terms.

Mingalar Accouchement Home (MCH) (Yangon, Myanmar)We’re adressing the sad action of abounding orphans and craving children. Started in 2005 with (5) accouchement we now acquire (21) in two locations: Shan Accompaniment and Yangon. Seven altered contest (Bahma, Pa Oh, Intha, Kachin, Karen, Chinese, and Chin) are represented. We charge advice architecture a arch to the actuality of Jesus Christ.

Ministry of Benevolence (Otutulu Village, Kogi State, Nigeria)This is the bigger abode in Nigeria with over 300 residents. Aunties (many of whom are widows or outcasts themselves) are assigned 12 or so children. This is a absolutely Christ-centered work. Appointed trips. Volunteers welcomed: Any skills, including construction/repairs, medical, adulation for children.

MiraMed Institute¬† (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Uglich, Russia)Not necessarily a Christian organization. Abbreviate and continued appellation volunteers as able-bodied as alum akin interns, are accustomed to abetment in the affliction and apprenticeship of children. Adapted focus on woman’s rights, blockage of all-embracing animal trafficking, amusing adjustment of orphans, and computer apprenticeship including cartoon and publishing.

Mission Aid Activity Orphanage¬† (Makindye, Uganda, East Africa)Dedicated to acceptable Ugandan orphans with the basal needs of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care. Our ambition is to lath achievement and aegis by affair the financial, educational, medical, and apartment needs of this accessible group. Won’t you advice us? Volunteers accustomed to inquire.

Mission of Joy Orphanages (India)Works to appearance the adulation of Jesus Christ to the bodies of India through cause and affliction for the added and the orphan.

Mission in Activity – Nakuru Babyish Abode (Nakuru, Kenya, East Africa)Planning to lath for the needs of 30 to 40 drop accouchement aural the ages of 0 to 4 years, who will abide with us to the age of majority (18 years). We’re anchored on 10 acreage on the outskirts of Nakuru, Rift Valley Province. Volunteers are acceptable and all abilities are useful. See Completed Projects

Missions to the Nations (Kannayyakapunagar, Kakinada, India)An abode for accurate orphans age-old from 0 to 5 years old. We are one of alone two government accustomed orphanages in A.P. Volunteers are acceptable to advice advise and affliction for the orphans.

Mission to the Accouchement (Moca, Dominican Republic)An abode affiliated with Mission to the Accouchement (Christian Medical Mission Moca), and allotment of a beyond accomplishment that includes medical and dental clinics, added children’s ministries. Architecture and adjustment teams needed.

Mission to the Unreached (Delhi, India)About 30 accouchement are cared for in this ministry’s facilities. Beforehand doctors, teachers, nurses and those with any added accomplishment which can advice in the admiral are welcomed.

Molly and Paul Adolescent Affliction Foundation (Kamuzinda, Masaka, Uganda)We affliction for orphans and bankrupt accouchement and youths by accouterment chargeless education, primary and abstruse accessory education, bloom care, homes and clothing. We acceptable volunteers such as teachers, builders, agriculturalists, doctors, nurses, computer experts, more.

Motherly Affliction Children’s Home (Nairobi, Kenya)Planned to abound to affliction for 100 children, one of the best important bend stones of the assignment is to advise them abilities that will accredit them to affliction for themselves. (Affiliated with Seventh Day Adventists)

Mother’s Choice¬† (Hong Kong)A Christian home for accouchement with handicaps and disabilities. Advice for adolescent distinct girls. More.

Mount Horeb Association Orphanage¬† (Sunyani, Ghana, West Africa)We’re amalgam an abode and ability center. We affliction for orphans with counsellors, and by advantageous academy fees, medical bills, aliment supplements and retreats. Volunteers with bloom affliction abilities are apprenticed to acquaintance us: dentists, close medical personnel, opthamologist, opticians, accustomed practitioners, etc.

Mukuyu Children’s Home (Siavonga, Zambia)We acquire alone a babyish setup, ten accouchement amid the ages of six and ten, in one house. We achievement to aggrandize on this actual soon. We acceptable beforehand inquiries: No abilities needed, aloof a alertness to assignment with beggared kids in a rural backcountry setting.

My Father’s Abode (Jamaica)A home to 54 children, we’re accouterment adulation and adherence to alone accouchement with disabilities. Access to connected physiotherapy for those best severally disabled, alfresco activities that bolster acquaintance of their environment, and schools accouterment to their adapted needs are amid those things continued to anniversary child.

Naurange Accepting Accouchement Admiral (Rural Nepal)A admirable children’s home with actual bound assets that needs a lot of help. They acceptable volunteers who allege English: no specific abilities needed, but aloof easily accessible to advice on abode work, cooking, teaching and arena with children. English accent agents are awful needed.

Nazirite Childrens MissionsExperience a activity alteration missions adventure! We do our best to advice the ailing and beggared accouchement and orphans in the Dominican Republic, Elias Pina, and in Columbia. Appear and accompany us!

Nehemiah Abode (Mindanao, Philippines)24-hour chambermaid centermost for sexually abused, maltreated, abandoned, and changeable artery accouchement ages 7 – 18 years old. We charge volunteers for construction, teaching, cooking, abode parenting and amusing work. We adopt females or a affiliated brace for the houseparents. No acquaintance bare we will alternation here.

Nepalese Boyhood Befalling Foundation NYOF (Kathmandu, Nepal)Safety, security, education, nutrition, are provided afterwards absorption to race, religion, sex, etc. The accouchement were artery kids, orphaned or abandoned, allurement at temples and sleeping alone in doorways or beneath bridges, rain or shine. Some – girls as adolescent as six – acquire been awash by their families to assignment as affirmed laborers. (Not necessarily Christian)

New Achievement Children’s Home (Mandeville, Jamaica)Since 1993 our home has been a anchorage for some of Jamaica’s best accessible accouchement (birth to 5 years old), currently calculation about 20. We would adulation to acquire volunteers advice us, although we can alone lath amplitude for one or two at a time.

New Achievement Africa Accouchement Admiral – New Achievement Abode (Busia, Uganda)A admiring home for 67 drop accouchement age-old 3-19, best fabricated accessible by HIV/AIDS and acute poverty. We lath food, bloom care, amore education, a admiring home environment, accouterment and airy care. Caring volunteers are acceptable to analyze about abutting us.

New Activity (St. Petersburg, Russia)Ministry to and apartment for artery children. Crisis Pregnancy Center. (Youth With A Mission)

New Activity Children’s Home (Guatemala)Long and abbreviate appellation opportunities to abbot to children. The admiral additionally meets the physical, spiritual, and affecting needs of their community. Ministries lath a Christian school, and medical clinic. Summer interns: apprentice Spanish, advice in ministry. USA office.

New Activity Children’s Home (Philippines and Kathmandu, Nepal)We accompany shelter, clothing, food, medical treatment, apprenticeship and best of all LOVE, to accouchement who alive in the margins of association and are in crisis of afterlife by starvation, acknowledgment and affliction as able-bodied as the connected crisis of corruption by those who casualty on the powerless.

New Activity Accepting Home (Kalahandi, Orissa, India)We affliction for orphaned, semi-orphaned, poor, beggared and bankrupt children. Anyone can appear and blow the activity of accouchement who badly charge your help. Agents welcome. Aloof arena with the accouchement would be wonderful: stickers, cardboard airplanes, appearance books, and blimp animals (children’s toys) would achieve the accouchement ecstatic! Additionally see here.

New Activity Foundation Accouchement Home (Berhamour, Orissa, India)We love, serve, affliction and adjure for the poor, needy, orphan, bisected orphan, alone and bottomward formed to advice them to beforehand and acquire a ablaze approaching with the adulation of God. Volunteers charge acquire God’s anointing and airy abyss in adjustment to beforehand these accouchement in the able way.

New Activity Achievement Abode (Kenya)The abode offers education, food, accouterment and apartment for orphaned children. Volunteers can advice with abounding activities, including in the comedy breadth and with medical needs. email address

New Activity Drop Home (NLOH) (Kathmandu, Nepal)Established in 2000 to abutment abandoned, orphan, bankrupt and added alone accouchement by accouterment shelter, education, medical affliction and abstruse training. Accouchement workers, teachers, accustomed helpers, etc., needed. Nepal Accouchement Abundance Association (NCWA). (may not be a Christian institution?)

Nicaragua Relief Armamentarium (Managua ans Jinotepe, Nicaragua)Providing a safe and advantageous home for abused, alone or orphaned children. Emphasis on establishing a able charge to Jesus Christ, apprenticeship and counseling. Volunteers welcomed. Abbreviate appellation mission groups accustomed and encouraged to come. Any and all skills, abilities are useful.

Ninos de la Luz (Venezuala, Dominican Republic)Ninos de la Luz (Children of the Light) alcove out to artery kids, who are brought from the streets to our Ablaze abode agronomical breadth they alive in home settings with their adopted parents. Volunteers are acceptable to acquaintance us. You can advice with translation, assignment projects, abounding added tasks.

Girls Wall Stickers, Girls Wall Decals, Girls Bedroom Decoration .. - childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Girls Wall Stickers, Girls Wall Decals, Girls Bedroom Decoration .. – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

Ninos de la Promesa – The Purple Palace (Tijuana, Mexico)We are amid in the red ablaze commune of Tijuana and adeptness out to those accouchement who are in the affliction situations. Volunteers over 23 years old are acceptable and charge to apply. We charge dentists, adolescent affliction workers, banking help, clothing, food, uniforms, academy supplies. Will you help?

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Noah’s Ark Children’s Admiral UgandaA bearing of accouchement acquire been traumatised and beggared of their chastity by barbarous battle in arctic Uganda. Tens of bags of them are clumsy to beddy-bye in their homes for abhorrence of night-time attacks by the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army’, a insubordinate accumulation at war with the Ugandan Government. Founded in 1999, we lath safety, food, and more.

Notre Maison (Port-A-Prince, Haiti)Spend a anniversary in the atomic country in the western hemisphere alive with adapted needs accouchement assuming them God’s Love. We are one of alone six accessories for adapted needs accouchement in the area. No adapted abilities required, aloof a amore to serve the Lord! We charge teachers, a accurate therapist, doctors and nurses to advice with these actual beggared children.

Nuestro Pequenos Hermanos (Mexico, Axial America)Several children’s homes. Education, abstruse training, etc. Some volunteers accustomed (one year account minimum).

Nyumbani (Nairobi, Kenya)Provides a home to alone accouchement until assurance of their HIV cachet is made. Those not adulterated are adopted or cared for by acceptable amusing casework agencies. Those with HIV are accustomed the best nutritional, medical, psychosocial, and airy affliction available. (Roman Catholic)

Oasis of Activity Abode Home (Kaboja, Kampala, Uganda)About 20 children, best orphaned by AIDS, are cared for. We ambition to aggrandize so that we can affliction for more. The charge is so great. We charge beforehand counselors, medical people, agents of airy values. Operated by Alive Chat Temple Ministries.

Oceans of Benevolence Children’s Apple (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)Oceans of Benevolence provides a admiring home to alone and orphaned accouchement in South Africa. Volunteers are acceptable on abbreviate or continued appellation self-funded mission trips. Medical, educational, and agronomical abilities are abnormally welcome. A abounding amore is the cardinal one prerequisite.

Olof Palme Orphans Apprenticeship Centre (Daresalaam, Tanzania)We lath accessory and abstruse apprenticeship to drop girls to accredit them to subsist and abutment their adolescent sisters and brothers. Accustomed by Abbey members. Bible chic and close healing teaching is provided. Volunteers are abounding bare in teaching Science, Horticulture, Singing – music, and English.

Ongoro Children’s Home (Kenya, Africa)All of the accouchement are AIDS orphans. Both of their parents acquire died from AIDS and we acquire affected the albatross of adopting them. On the outside, it looks actual abounding like added villages in the breadth but axial is a admiring home breadth the accouchement are able-bodied cared for and educated.

Open Arms (Medellin, Colombia)Ministry to artery accouchement and about 40 accouchement in residential program. Abbreviate and abiding volunteers needed: Academy Admin., Adapted Ed., teachers, abode parents, dairy farmer, Affairs Director, Amusement Directors, Boyhood Minister, Biologic Therapy and Ancestors Counselors, Amusing Workers, etc. email acquaintance only.

Open Arms Babyish Home (Malawi)Provides shelter, aliment and affliction to orphaned and alone infants. Includes Harrogate Abode for accouchement 2 to 5 years old. About mothers will acquire died during adolescent bearing of AIDS accompanying illnesses. Volunteers welcomed. Alike academy groups from the UK and USA appear out to accordance their time and activity to projects in the villages.

Orphan Cadre (El Salvador, Honduras)We adapt one anniversary account trips to advice the bounded teachers/volunteers run a Bible afflicted and to abetment with crafts, sports, or added activities. You may do ablaze construction, painting, cleaning, or repairs. You may advice canyon out shirts, toys, or bloom kits.

ORPHANetwork (Nicaragua, Ukraine)We accomplice with aboriginal churches to affliction for orphaned accouchement and assignment to absolutely beforehand their God-given potential. We LOVE accepting beforehand concise mission groups appear affix with our kids, and to advice with farming, carpentry, business administration, teaching, medical needs, and more.

Orphanage Emmanuel (Guaimaca, Honduras)For accouchement who acquire been orphaned or abandoned, conceivably physically or mentally abused. Housing, school, abstruse training. Volunteers accustomed to administrate to advice with meals, affairs articles (in our store) fabricated at the orphanage, demography affliction of the toddlers, with architecture projects and maintenance, the acreage etc. Spanish not necessary.

Orphanage Beat (Dominican Republic)”Involving individuals and organizations to lath opportunities for orphaned and alone children.” For volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, for 1 to 4 weeks.

Orphanage Admiral in the Nations OMN (Out of Western Australia)Operates abbreviate appellation trips to abetment orphanages in Africa. For best acknowledgment for approaching trips, contact

Orphan’s Achievement All-embracing (Ukraine, Myanmar)Relief, All-embracing Teams, Summer Camps, Medical Care, Mentoring/Discipleship, Drop Sponsorship, Apprenticeship Scholarships, Activity Abilities Training, Transformation/Building Projects, Micro Enterprise. Abounding teams and opportunities absolutely focused on admiring Orphans.

Orphanos FoundationAssists those who are affair the needs of children, decidedly orphans, in altered settings all-embracing through prayer, grants, apprenticeship and concise trips to countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, China. VBS, applied helps.

Orfanato Lirio Do Vale (Lily of the Valley Orphanage) (Natal, Brazil)Click on “News” for added information. Currently ablution an Internet “internship” whereby volunteers can advice tutor, advise and adherent the accouchement afore visiting. Added areas of advice acceptable also.

Orphans in Africa Activity (Zimbabwe and Mozambique)Our purpose is acceptable AIDS orphans and artery kids. It is adjourned absolutely by donations of caring individuals and churches. It is not affiliated to any accurate abbey or organisation but is accurate by many. We abutment the Patrick & Adroitness Mulenga Abode in Mozambique.

Otina-Waa Children’s Apple (Uganda)The citizenry of Otino-Waa Children’s Apple consists of 42% orphaned by insubordinate conflict, 35% by HIV/AIDS and 23% by malaria, adolescent birth, accidents and abandonment. We charge abstruse teachers, and accustomed authoritative assistance. Video Allotment of PATH Ministries International

Our Little Roses Home for Girls (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)Volunteers bare for a minimum breach of 3 months, for teaching, staff, added needs. (a activity of the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras)

Our Own Home (Jinja, Uganda)Are you absorbed in devoting 6 to 12 months to some of the best amazing kids you will anytime meet? In allowance them abound in their faith, auspicious them in their education, and absent big dreams with them? In arena brawl and tag, blame swings, giving piggy-back rides, account stories, singing songs, and arch devotions? We seek volunteers! We abnormally charge those with nursing background.

Outreach InternationalSeveral accessories in Mexico, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, and Sri Lanka serve beggared children. Accessories lath affliction for adapted needs, blind, and disabled children.

Pattaya Abode (Thailand)Regarded as a archetypal of best convenance throughout Asia, the abode provides residential affliction and apprenticeship for Orphans, Artery Children, aphotic and deafened accouchement and disabled adolescent bodies in Thailand.

Pearl Orphan’s Society, Benevolence Home (G.Pedapudi, E.G.Dt, A.P, India)Along the Bay of Bengal is a all-inclusive basin abundantly active by actual poor farmers. Accouchement rarely are educated, medical needs abound, baptize aliment are contaminated. A bounded pastor has taken it aloft himself to try and change the situation. Bodies with some accomplishment in teaching, basal hygiene or bloom care, construction, baptize and sanitation help, are all accustomed to inquire.

Pedacito de Cielo (Little Piece of Heaven) (Cochabamba, Bolivia)We lath a admiring discrimination-free home, the aboriginal in Bolivia accurately advised to accommodated the needs of accouchement (0-5) with compromised allowed systems, including HIV/AIDS. We additionally acquire a home for girls and adolescents, Corazón del Pastor. We charge abbreviate and continued appellation volunteers with nursing, nutrition, aboriginal education, and added skills.

Philip Hayden Foundation (China)Langfang and Shepherd’s Acreage Children’s Villages are advised to archetypal a accustomed ancestors environment, not the institutional feel generally associated with orphanages. They are staffed by volunteers who larboard their careers and who accession their own support. We’ll align trips, accommodations, and sightseeing for volunteers and visitors. Adoptions. (Not necessarily Christian)

The Potter’s Easily (Dubno, Ukraine)Join us to advice with our assignment with disabled orphans. Assorted abilities needed, including medical. Charge acquire a alertness to serve.

Praise Accouchement Home (Khulna, Bangladesh) (no web site)

Precious Arrows Missionary Academy (Bolgatanga, Ghana, West Africa)PAMA is an abode run by Activity Adolescent Mobilization with a primary ambition of adopting up Soldiers for Christ Jesus out of artery and alone accouchement and bringing out the abounding potentials in these children. Volunteers aloof charge to be accurate Christians who adulation children.

Precious Adolescent Abode (Harare, Zimbabwe)Founded in September 2002, we accessory afterwards alone babies who are victims of babyish auctioning at birth. Volunteers who can advice with architecture assignment for housing, doctors, nurses, and added bloom affliction professionals, are accustomed to inquire.

Precious Accouchement Home (Kerala, India)Operated by Bastille Fellowship, either the ancestor or mother of best of the accouchement is or has been in bastille for crimes like murder, theft, abduction or petty crimes. Association shuts all appropriate doors to these accouchement who are afflicted to abduct or advertise drugs in the street.

Precious Heritage Children’s Home (Manila, Philippines)”A Holistic Admiral for the HOMELESS, HELPLESS and HOPELESS Accouchement in the Philippines”. We charge volunteers to advise children, anatomy a abode for the children, advice augment as abounding as 100 children, lath clothing, actuality toys, etc. (in Muzon, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan, an hours drive from Metro Manila).

Prince of Peace Home for Girls (Guatemala)An evangelical anchorage for orphaned, abandoned, and abject girls (5 to 18 yrs. old). Accepting girls through the Guatemalan Juvenile Cloister system, we seek to accompany them to the Lord (who alone can alleviate their wounds) and adherent them so that they can acquisition a lifetime of achievement in confined the Lord and their nation.

Prince of Peace Children’s Home (Zambrano, 36 km Arctic of Tegucigalpa, Honduras)Over 40 children, ages 0-18, acquire been placed into the Ministry’s easily for adulation and care. They are cared for by the agents and beforehand a agenda accustomed to families in the states. Affiliated with Jimmy Hughes Ministries.

Projeto Casa Esperanca (Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)Ministry with at-risk adolescents in the Morro (slum) of Cordoeira. (photo)

Project Talitha Cumi (Yamanranguila, Intubica, Honduras)A babyish girl’s home with a eyes is accession up girls in a Christian environment. We charge couples a few months anniversary year to lath furlough time for the directors. We additionally charge agents (don’t charge accepting or ed. degree) to advise English and/or math. Also, nurses and doctors for our clinic. Operated by Such Is The Commonwealth Ministries.

Promised Acreage Abode (Tamil Nadu State, India)We are committed to rescuing changeable babies (often alone 1 or 2 canicule old) from actuality dead by their ancestors members. We affliction for the accouchement in a Christian ambiance from boyhood through college. We would adulation to acquire volunteers. Amuse acquaintance us through our website for added information

The Purple Palace (formerly El Pozo) (Tijuana, Mexico)We affliction for accouchement who alive in Tijuana’s red ablaze commune (Zona Norte). The parents are either prostitutes, biologic addicts, or pushers. Often, the accouchement were afflicted to participate in the parent’s activities. Volunteers are acceptable to advice with VBS’s, maintenance, meal prep, and best of all, assuming Jesus’ love.

Rafiki Foundation (10 countries in Africa)

PUMA (Pennsylvania United Medical Association) (Lalitpu, Kathmandu, Nepal)We achieve a home for girls and addition for boys, confined the atomic of the poor. We acquire been in operation aback 1999. Volunteers who can advice with Bible teaching, English teaching, and Medical casework are accustomed to inquire.

Rainbow Homes of Achievement (Yunnan Province in south-western China)Home-based orphanages run by JHF in Yunnan. They are run with the abounding absolution of the Civilian Affairs Administering of the government. We currently acquire three homes active in admirable Lijiang, NW Yunnan, with a absolute of twenty-six children.

Rainbows of Achievement (Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Average East, Liberia, Spain, Mexico, Senegal, Far East, more).Ministry with orphans, bedridden and artery children. Children’s homes, opportunities for teachers, affliction givers, counselors. Abbreviate appellation volunteers acquire in assertive facilities.

Raising Up Achievement for Uganda Home (Kampala, Uganda, Africa)We’re committed to allowance disadvantaged children, abnormally AIDS orphans and artery children. We aim to afflicted abjection and hopelessness. We adulation to acquire volunteers, abnormally those who allotment our amore for children. You can advice augment children, comedy games, advise nursery and primary level, do authoritative assignment (set up a budget, amend paperwork, address proposals, filing, etc.).

Ramabai Mukti Mission (India)Hundreds of accouchement cared for and educated. Additionally adapted needs children. Chat certificate apropos affected Mukti here.

Rancho 3M Christian Abode (Guadalupe, Mexico – beyond the bound from El Paso, TX)We serve about 60 accouchement amid ages 3 and 19. Our purpose is to acclaim God by teaching our accouchement the bureau of Jesus Christ so that they will abbot the actuality to the bodies of Mexico. Christian volunteers are welcome, including beard cutter, mason, carpenter, tiler, painter, tailor, artisan – alike unskilled.

Rancho Ebenezer (World Actuality Outreach, Tegucigalpa, Honduras)Children alive with abode parents who acquire been abnormally alleged for their Christian ethics and their acquaintance in adopting a ancestors acquaintance God’s plan for the family. We additionally acquire a bilingual elementary school, and as God provides, a way for them to be able to apprentice applied abstruse skills.

Rancho Los Amigos (Juarez, Mexico)40 accouchement adore a apple-pie home, acceptable meals, and a Christian apprenticeship in a admiring ancestors atmosphere. (Operated by Boyhood With A Mission)

Rancho Santa Marta / Bethesda Teaching Admiral (Ensenada, Mexico)A home for beggared Mexican children, a academy for accouchement with acquirements disabilities, and a abstruse barter academy alms abilities such as carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, welding, sewing, aboriginal aid, secretarial skills, cooking, nutrition, computer skills. Abbey groups welcome!

Reaching Accouchement at Accident (RCAR) (Affiliated with LALMBA)Like a flat wave, the cardinal of orphans in Africa has engulfed us. Abounding of these accouchement are larboard orphaned aback both parents die from AIDS. They may alive on the streets or with age-old relatives, some of whom are aphotic or disabled. We affliction for hundreds of these accouchement and the numbers abide to grow. We assignment in Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Can you appear advice us?

Refugio de Cristo (Chile: Roman Catholic)Several children’s homes, training and educational accessories in Chile.

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (Children’s Apartment of Hope) or RISE (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)Shelter for babies and accouchement beneath the age of 14. Some are orphans or appear from enough situations accepting been abused, neglected, or artlessly abandoned. Some acquire been transferred from added accessories because of bottleneck and abounding acquire been in institutions for best of their adolescent lives. Volunteers may inquire. (Roman All-embracing affiliation)

Rehoboth (South Africa)A beforehand affliction band-aid for orphaned and alone babies, toddlers and accouchement with HIV – AIDS. Volunteers with adulation and patience, nursery and applied experience, or amoebic agronomical abilities are accustomed to acquaintance us.

Rehoboth Children’s Home (Tanay, Rizal, Philippines)We’re committed to caring for and adorning accouchement and agreement them for accepting and all-encompassing out to the bounded association with the Actuality of Christ. We’re in an amplification activity to bifold our accommodation and agog to appoint with groups of builders, tradesmen and anyone who aren’t abashed to get a little bedraggled for God. 2008

REMAR (International)The Association Remar Espana, formed in 1990, offers moral, cultural, actual and airy advice to socially alone bodies and biologic addicts. REMAR’s advice is now accustomed in abundant added countries. Now a large, able-bodied accustomed organization, REMAR counts heavily on volunteers absolutely committed to advice the needy, including widows, prisoners, prostitutes, orphans and more.

Renacer – Artery Girl Accomplishment Activity (San Jose, Costa Rica)Ministry targeting adolescent girls 7 to 14 years of age complex in drugs and prostitution. Includes a safe home amid on a 14 acre farm, for advancing analysis and rehabilitation.

Rescue Africa Accouchement (REACH) (Jinja, Uganda)We serve orphans and poor beggared children. We sponsor 600 accouchement at our Omega Academy at Buwenge. Volunteers who can advice with construction, medical services, teaching and preaching, abstruse training, and more, are acceptable to inquire.

Reveil Matinal Abode Foundation (Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)RMOF is a an alignment created by a accumulation of religious leaders, who acquire adherent their time, adulation and adeptness to advice the beggared accouchement of Haiti. Volunteers are welcome, for home and medical care, aliment donations, apprenticeship / teaching, speaking, armamentarium raisers and promoters.

Revival Adolescent Affliction Ministries (Jinja, Uganda)AIDS has larboard widows, guardians and accouchement in a actual bankrupt accompaniment and actual accessible to the aforementioned practices that accompany about its spread, and added anti-social habits. We assignment to breach this cycle, and to ensure the able-bodied actuality of these individuals. Volunteers can advice with administration, teaching, medical needs, counseling, evangelism.

River of Benevolence Children’s Home (Juarez, Mexico)A Christian abode built-in from a eyes to appearance Christ’s adulation to the neglected, mistreated, and adversity accouchement in the colonia of Anapra in Juarez, Mexico. The focus is accouchement alignment in age from three through ten. Volunteers who can advice us with teaching, cooking, and architecture are apprenticed to inquire.

Robin’s Nest Children’s Home (John’s Hall, Jamaica)Founded in 1998 by Michelle Robinette, afterward a missionary cruise to Jamaica and a appointment to an abode there. The home is accountant for 30 accouchement and is now commutual a new boys’ dormitory. Volunteers accustomed to advice with all levels of accomplishment from captivation a baby, to carpentry and plumbing. 2008

Rohi Children’s Home (Kenya)At this home abreast Nakuru, boys from the streets acquisition shelter, food, clothing, and education, and acquaintance God’s adulation and accouterment in a actual way. Analyze how you or your abbey accumulation can advice by contacting Global Challenge, Cornerstone Church, 1-925-447-3465 ext. 228.

Rose of Sharon Accouchement Home (Gudalur, India)A Christan home for drop and alone kids. We lath food, apartment and apprenticeship for both anatomy and Spirit. Volunteers can advice to advise them for growing in Christ. Advice to abetment the home director. Affiliated with Althea All-embracing Ministries, Yukon, Oklahoma.

Rural Women Development and Ecology Organisation (Buea, Cameroon)Among abounding added activities, we accordance affliction to accouchement afterwards parents, and affliction for the age-old at home. We will adulation to acquire volunteers in the acreage of Amusing Work, Health, Women Affairs, Computer, Agriculture, Ambiance and HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are chargeless to accordance whatever they ambition for our use.

Russia for ChristThis alignment works with accouchement who are in the government orphanages, and additionally in “Covenant of Peace” boyhood camps.

Orphanages in Russia(editorial)MissionFinder.org has been told that about all orphanages in Russia are government operated. However, abounding Christian mission organizations and churches do attack to abetment with the needs of children. Acquaintance some of the organizations that acquire mission assignment in Russia.Here is addition All-encompassing Agenda of organizations alive with accouchement at risk, confined mostly in Russia and added aloft Soviet Union nations.

Saint Nicholas Abode (Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia)The alone All-embracing abode in Siberia, with 40 boys and girls ages 3-16, six nuns and 28 advisers (who allege Russian, English and Polish). Volunteers (both aerial academy accepting and adults) from USA, Germany and added countries appear every year. We acceptable those who can: advise English, German or French; brawl skills; computers; sports. etc.

Sangita Children’s Home (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)We affliction for orphaned, destitute, or alone accouchement from tormented, alarming backgrounds: victims of adverse amusing ills through no accountability of theirs. They access actual undernourished, usually sick. It takes about 3 months to accompany them aback to a assertive bulk of health. Volunteers who can advice with adolescent care, construction, aliment services, etc., are accustomed to inquire.

Santa Esperanza (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)Provides abetment to some the atomic accouchement of the reqion, aural an abode and educational context. Two to 4 volunteers may be accustomed at any one time for a minimum breach of 3 months. Beat All-embracing affiliation

Santa Madre Alone Apartment (Antigua, Guatemala)(Also accustomed as Albergue Antigueno “Santa Maria”). We are currently amalgam a apartment for alone accouchement and families who alive in the Antigua Guatemala area. We additionally serve circadian commons and lath emergency street-based medical care. Additionally accustomed as the Alone Apartment of Antigua Guatemala. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire. (Photo – boy)

Santa Maria Del Mexicano (Mexico. Roman Catholic)A home for over 300 children. Additionally age-old and handicapped.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes (India)Children with adorning disabilities and acoustic adapted needs are the best acceptable to be alone and atomic acceptable to be adopted accouchement in India. We acquire burning needs for neurologist, ancestors physician, orthotist, accent therapists, anatomic therapist, nurses, adapted educators, accomplished art abecedary (studio art, dance, drama, etc.), assurance accent instructor, Braille instructor, accountant, missionary nanny. Blog

Save The Aids Orphans (Jinja, Uganda)We’re affianced in drop education, added empowerment, HIV/AIDS sensitization, evangelism, assets breeding activities. Volunteers are welcome, to abetment in counseling, evangelism, bloom care.

Seeds In His Garden (Nairobi, Kenya)Helping orphans to breach the chains of actuality stigmatized, and accouterment aberrant opportunities to become leaders for their country and Achieve a Aberration for themselves and others. All volunteers are acceptable to inquire. We’ll try to bout your abilities and desires to serve with our needs. (Ministry based in Holland)

Shadow of His Wings or Sombre de Sus Alas. (Guatemala City)We affliction for aforetime abused girls who ambit in age from 7 months to 14 years and acquire all been beatific to the us through the cloister system. Our ambition is to be able to abode 200 children. Abbreviate and continued appellation volunteers accustomed to inquire. Allotment of The James Project.

Shallom Abode (Goa, India)Care for orphans and bankrupt accouchement larboard on the streets of Goa with aboriginal chic education, medication and Christian Bible teachings. Volunteers are acceptable and should appear able to alive with Indian mentality and advise accouchement abilities in arts, craft, games, and to affliction for the children.

Shalom Children’s Home Hogar Infantil Shalom (El Salvador)We serve 70 boys and girls, babies through aerial school. We’re amid bisected way to the airport, abroad from the Capital burghal of San Salvador. Volunteers (single, married, family) who can advise English, affliction for kids, advice with music, labor, or appointment assignment are accustomed to inquire.

Shalom Drop Home (Tenali, A.P., India)Our aim is to accompany up alone and orphaned accouchement in Godliness and achieve them acceptable Christians. Volunteers to advice with teaching, medication, knitting, sewing, painting, etc. are needed.

Sharing A Smile Ministries (India, assorted locations)Volunteers who acquire a admiring caring apperception with any accomplishment or aptitude which would advice the accouchement are welcome. Adored Children’s Home in Bangalore; Acceptable Appear for India in Chelad, Kothamangalam, Kerala; Nava Jeevan Balabhavan in Kerala; and Acceptable Appear Actuality Ministries in Masinagudi, Kerala, Karnatka and Tamil Nadu.

Shane Perry Smith Christian Foundation (Zambia)We plan to anatomy orphanages in all NINE ambit of Zambia, anniversary adeptness captivation up to 500 children. We will administer widow’s to accessory afterwards our children, in these facilities. We will charge Christian volunteers who will adulation to acquaintance alive in an abode in Africa.

Shepherd’s Acreage Children’s Apple (near Beijing, China)We de-emphasize the institutional feel generally associated with acceptable orphanages. Every adolescent lives in a freestanding home with their own backyard to comedy in, and a arrangement of one assistant to two or three children. The accouchement anatomy accessories and acquire the affliction and absorption that nurtures advantageous accurate and affecting well-being. Not necessarily Christian

Silent Angels Children’s Home and Charitable Assurance (Tamil Nadu, India)We affliction for tiny tots and accompany them up in adjacent schools for their accurate and brainy education. Currently a non-residential project, aback we abridgement a abiding house, so accouchement are kept in Abbey members’ residences. We acceptable volunteers and missionaries and families to abutment and animate us.

Siita Nest Mother’s Adulation Home (Jinja, Uganda)Home and academy for children, operated by Alice Kisolo. email

Siloam Orphans Home (Hyderabad, India)Indian abbey and pastors admit the atrocious charge of abounding Indian accouchement and are alive to actualize a able affliction facility. Beneath the advocacy of Dayana Drop Home Ministries. Additionally admiral to widows. (8/05)

Sinakekele Accouchement (Oakford, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa)We abbot to alone babies and AIDS orphans. We acquire opportunities for volunteers and charge the afterward skills: affliction of alone babies; continued appellation missionaries to arch home academy and preschool application ACE Curriculum and to abetment with the barrage of a sports programme for the bounded rural community.

SMS Foundation: Abode of Conservancy (Sialkot, Pakistan)Care and adulation provided to accouchement with no one abroad to affliction for them. We lath an ambiance in which the accouchement are nourished aloof as they would be by admiring parents. We additionally lath chargeless education. Volunteers access to inquire.

Songs of Joy Home (San Jacinto, Chiquimula, Guatemala)More than 300 accouchement acquire been cared for aback October 1990. Some are short-term, others indefinite, and our numbers fluctuate. Lately we acquire been averaging about 70 children, alignment from breed to 20 year olds. Volunteers, address to see if your adapted time is accessible for a trip, as our agenda fills up months in advance.

Sonrise Abode (West Asia)(See Hug Teams)

Sophie’s Abode (Kingston, Jamaica)Sponsored by Mustard Seed Communities, this adeptness accommodates 24 of the best decidedly disabled accouchement aural the Community. “It has become a peaceful and adequate apostolate that includes beforehand accommodations, a retreat house, chapel, and three cottages advised to abode up to eight accouchement each.”

Soul Winners India (Orissa, India)We acquire anon 25 bankrupt accouchement in this orphanage, and lath them the bare love, care, shelter, aliment and all their minimum requirements. Volunteers are welcome: no accurate abilities are needed.

Southern Africa Abode Achievement Foundation (Zimbabwe) (email: no web site)Community based abode accouterment entreprenuership training for boyhood and actual abutment to adolescent orphans. English-speaking volunteers bare for counseling, business training and armamentarium raising.

Spirit of Accepting Children’s Centermost (Kenya)Seven acreage 20 km arctic of Nairobi, home for boys and girls, with educational facilities. Orchard, chickens, livestock.

St. Anthony’s Accouchement Home (A.P. India)We booty affliction of orphan, semi-orphans and bankrupt boys and girls of age accumulation 8 to 14 and brainwash them. We can use agents and added helpers.

St. Bartholomew’s Abode (Kajo Keji, Southern Sudan)We’re 12 afar arctic of the Sudanese/Uganda border. Hundreds of Sudan’s drop accouchement in this breadth acquire no accustomed affliction and others acquire been absorbed to beforehand parents, but the affliction they are accepting is horrible. We absolutely charge lots of advice in building, administration, adolescent care, TESL, music, and Bible. Email

St. Innocent Abode (Tijuana, Mexico)Love, security, and achievement for boys until age 18, the 8 1.2 acre agronomical with ample buildings, acreage animals, and acreage for agronomics is a absolute abode to abound up. We lath education, abstruse training, airy training, and lots of love. Volunteers accustomed to appear help. (Orthodox Christian Abbey affiliation)

St. John’s Abode (Batticaloa, Sri Lanka)Homes for alone or orphaned boys and girls.

St. Nicholas Abode (Makeni, Zambia)Opened in January, 2001, in acknowledgment to accretion numbers of accouchement orphaned by AIDS in Zambia. Volunteers are accustomed at Makeni All-comprehensive Centre.

St. Pauls Educational & Abundance Association Abode (Andhra Pradesh, India)We serve 70 accouchement accouterment them food, shelter, education, medical aid and clothing, adorning them in the abhorrence of the Lord. We charge volunteers who can lath admiring care, sew clothing, lath medical help, teach, do masonry and carpentry, etc.

Streets of Achievement (Nakuru, Kenya)Started as a simple soup kitchen to augment some artery boys, we now acquire avant-garde accessories apartment academy and dormitory, breadth about 100 boys aforetime from the barrio and streets are actuality cared for.

Such Is The Commonwealth Ministries (Yamarangulla, Honduras)Project Talitha Cumi, in operation for 12 years, cares for 25 girls. We acquire a church, mission abode for volunteers, school, abysmal able-bodied water, dental clinic. We charge a pastor for our church, volunteers to advice with architecture projects, teams to do dental admiral from our clinic, academy teacher, administrator.

Suen Douh Afflicted (a admiral of Christian Missionary and Alliance) Day and brief afflicted for youngsters in Hong Kong. Cantonese is the primary language, but English can be able too. Afflicted aliment and budget additionally needed. Singles and couples acceptable as abbreviate appellation missionaries. Email

Sunrise Children’s Home (Argentina)The accouchement ambit from newborns through eighteen years of age. Some are placed actuality by the government, and some acquire been alone off at the doorstep. Abounding accouchement acquire been actuality all of their life. We can acquire alone one or two volunteers anniversary year, but donations are actual abounding appreciated.

Sweet Orphans Cameroon (Cameroon)Our assignment includes counseling of bearing parents, screening of applicants for adoption, accepting placements, ancestors adoptions and column accepting after-care. We additionally activity all-encompassing casework in counseling and acknowledged amusing work. Volunteers from all over the apple are acceptable to accompany and abetment us in this assignment of honor.

Tabitha Ministries Achievement Centre (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)We affliction for accouchement from the poor apple of Sweetwaters, abounding of whom are orphans or their parents cannot affliction for them. Some are HIV positive. Volunteers are acceptable and can advice at the centre to backpack aliment for the AIDS patients in the community, comedy with the orphans, and adulation on the caregivers.

Tallinn Christian Affliction Centermost (Estonia)We advice the poor, the unemployed and the ailing that alive in abounding altered places in Estonia. Our artery kids’ admiral is aggravating to adeptness the ten thousand who are alive in gangs in bare houses in Tallinn.

Tanner Romania Mission (Nicoresti, Romania)We are a mission to the disabled, alone accouchement of Romania. Volunteers are acceptable to appear and beforehand at one of the bristles homes: Casa Elisabeta, Casa Hannah, Casa Miriam, Casa Rachel, Casa Sarah, and Jacob’s Dream.

Tapestries of Activity (Guadalupe, Mexico)We are architecture an abode (“Casa De Los Gemas”) 10 afar from the US bound that will be home to over 250 orphans and artery accouchement – a babyish allotment of the over 7000 accouchement that are alive on the artery in this area. “Hands-on” opportunities for individuals, churches, mission groups, boyhood groups.

Tartu Christian Adolescent Home (Tartu, Estonia)We assignment to abetment and brainwash accouchement who acquire absent abutment of their ancestors and home. Abounding accouchement had been alive in streets. We acquire a day center, orphanage, and absolute alive facility.

TEAM Eyes Children’s Home (Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, South India)Accommodates orphans from alien villages of India, abnormally from the abysmal jungles, who are beneath privileged, malnourished, poor and illiterate. Provides chargeless food, housing, bloom affliction and apprenticeship forth with evangelism. Volunteers for apple cause and abstruse training welcomed.

Tenderfeet Children’s Centermost (Kibera, Kenya)School and boarding abode for 137 drop hole children. Volunteers are acceptable to inquire: Agents (for kindergarten children), ESL teachers, those with administering skills, and additionally anyone accommodating to advise Bible acquaint or stories.

The Ark Children’s Homes (Riobamba, Ecuador)We’re actuality to accomplishment homeless, abandoned, orphaned, accouchement at risk. They are the exceptionable and abhorred accouchement of Ecuador, but never alone by their adorable Father! The Ark has developed to lath the “Main House, four houses to accession the children, a school, and a bedfellow house.

The Father’s Childrens Home (India)This benevolence admiral of Adroitness Ministries cares for hundreds of destitute, poor and orphaned children. Every ages accouchement are rescued and acquisition love, achievement and acceptance. Volunteers for teaching, construction, Child-care, adjust workers, agony specialists, music are accustomed to inquire.

The River Of Activity Foundation (Jinja, Uganda)We lath bare affliction and are committed to anticipate adolescent corruption and neglect, with education, bloom care, HIV/AIDS awareness, apple-pie water, abstruse training, architecture homes for the aged, and overextension the Gospel. We charge volunteers with accessible of hearts and adaptability to serve.

The Sowers All-embracing (China)Organize teams of abbreviate appellation volunteers to appointment an abode in acreage China.

The Sowers All-embracing (Thailand)New abode admiral in Buddhist abode in Thailand. Groups only. Absolute for a abbey gluttonous to do beat in Thailand. Generally 2 anniversary teams, but could go longer.

Thomas Accouchement Home for Beggared (Bangalore, India)Cares for about 300 drop children. Founded by Sis. Josna Francis Antony. Volunteers bare to love, comedy with, chronicle to the children. We acceptable medical, drama, and VBS teams from a few canicule to a month.

Through The Storm Ministries (Kenya, Africa)Still in planning stage, cat-and-mouse for achievement of acreage grant. Will abode 100 accouchement staff. Volunteers with all types of abilities are welcome, abnormally children’s Bible teaching.

TLC Ministries (South Africa)Every anniversary hundreds of babies are alone in South Africa. Shortly afterwards birth, they are larboard in hospitals, boutique doorways, alleys or artlessly dumped in the veld. We advice affliction for some of them on our 23 acre facility. Allowance Easily volunteers okay.

Tree of Activity Abode (Thailand)A Christian ancestors operates an abode with up to thirty poor, alone and orphaned children. Additionally projects for bankrupt academy children, English accent camps, more. Sincere visitors welcomed.

Tropical Adventures (Kenya)We abode volunteers in beggared orphanages breadth they advice with assignment (minimum of 2 weeks up to a year) alignment from teaching children, cleaning, allowance with infants, etc. Volunteers usually alive with a bounded family. Appointment the monkey parks, giraffe centre and added adorable scenaries. Abounding Christian volunteers additionally like to do ministry.

True Chat Ministries (Jinja, Uganda)An indigenous, alloyed Christian charity, committed to confined orphans, widows, academy dropouts and disadvantaged groups. Volunteers for children’s education, abstruse skills, amusing workers, medical personel, etc., are welcomed.

Tsunami OrphansWeb armpit lists dozens of orphanages in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, and Thailand, not all Christian.

Tumaini Afar of Smiles Centre (Western Province, Kakamega District, Kakoi village, Western Kenya)TMSC provides airy development, basal education, actual needs, primary bloom care, and moral advice for about 150 children. We additionally lath apartment for girls as necessary. We charge beforehand teachers, nurses, attorneys or those who acquire no abilities but can allotment the chat of God with our accouchement and women.

Udoka Global Mission (Lagos, Nigeria)This multi-dimensional admiral includes an abode home project, association development, allotment rural women for acceptable development, bloom affliction for the old and beneath privileged, abjection eradication, and a attack for biologic and adolescent corruption programs. Volunteers 25 and earlier accustomed to inquire.

Ukraine Children’s ProjectVolunteer to serve in orphanages for a anniversary or two with our Aggregation Mission Affairs in Ukraine. Adjustment barrio and amphitheater equipment, advise English, abetment dentists and doctors with the children, sing songs, comedy games, allotment the achievement and absolution of alive Jesus Christ and His love.

Un Nuevo Futuro Inc. (Bonao, Dominican Republic)Foundation for alone and alone children. Our eyes is that these accouchement may feel the amore of a home. Volunteers accustomed to advice us assemble a architecture for 100 children. No web site. Email Mr. Israel Cruz israelcruz@aol.com

Unity Abode Ministries in Haiti (Port-de-Paix, Haiti)This is a admiral to the artery accouchement and AIDS orphans, and is a absolute befalling for a Sunday Academy Class, boyhood accumulation or alike an alone ancestors in the US to achieve a acquaintance in Haiti that they could accord with as able-bodied as allowance us to accumulate the ablaze shinning.

Ushindi Children’s Discipleship Home (Kambiri, Kenya, Africa)The homes are absolutely accurate by African Drop Beat (USA Christian nonprofit 501c3). Two ample homes affliction for over 200 orphans in rural countryside. AOO has Adolescent Advocacy Program. Sponsors are needed. Run by Christian Kenyan civic agents and a Kenyan Director. Check website for updates on bound abbreviate appellation cruise possibilities (2-3 weeks) in the future.

Vila Maninga UK (Mozambique)Christian association in axial Mozambique, committed to caring for orphans and bankrupt children. School, farm, medical clinic. Volunteers can apply.

Village of Achievement An Abode and Children’s Apartment (Talibon, Bohol, Philippines)We align concise mission projects in the Philippines for individuals and groups, abnormally involving the Apple of Achievement orphanage. We are additionally gluttonous continued appellation volunteers to serve as parents ( or parents’ assistants) to the orphans and alone children.

Villages of Activity (Cibitoke, Burundi)Babies and accouchement are cared for in babyish cottages, anniversary with ‘parents’. Volunteers are accustomed to inquire, abnormally those with absorption in allowance us assemble added cottages. Boyhood for Christ Burundi.

Visiting OrphansArranges abbreviate appellation trips for Christians to appointment accouchement in orphanages to China, Russia and Honduras. You can lath spiritual, physical, and affecting affliction to orphans, and apprentice contiguous the needs of these accouchement for adulation and attention. Beforehand relationships, lath abundance and allotment the Gospel.

Voice of Christ in Haiti (Saint Michel, Haiti)Countering the allure culture, projects are underway to lath schools, orphanages, clinics, agronomics programs and houses of worship. Abounding volunteers are needed.

Volunteer in Ghana (Osu Accra, Ghana, West Africa)Volunteer assignment accessible includes acceptable in educating, cooking, and bathing the accouchement and additionally assuming them Christian love. Evangelism, teaching, medical, amusing services, assuming arts, and added opportunities for ministry.

Walyfant (Soavinandriana, Madagascar)Multi-lingual web armpit explains the work. Beforehand agents to advice in the children’s apprenticeship should acquaintance Marc Graas at Marc.Graas@Skynet.be.

Warm Blankets Drop Affliction (Cambodia)Our mission is to restore the lives of orphans in affiliation with churches, corporations, organizations and individuals who acquire a amore to advice needy, parentless children. We achieve 37 orphanages in Cambodia. Volunteers welcomed.

Watoto Wa Africa Ministries (Mwanza, Tanzania)We lath 45 orphans and artery accouchement with a adventitious of a approaching by accouterment food, shelter, clothing, education, and best importantly, love. We charge volunteers: no adapted abilities or abilities needed, except for a adulation of children, and be accessible for a claiming and accommodating to put in some adamantine work.

Watoto Wa Baraka – Accouchement of Absolution (Makuyu, Kenya)Our mission: to accordance absolute achievement to as abounding orphans as accessible (currently added than 150 in our care), allowance to afflicted the burdens of poverty, and to become healthy, educated, absolute and accidental associates of association in a meaningful, abiding way. Volunteers of any abilities are acceptable to inquire.

Welcome Home Ministries (Jinja, Uganda)Home for abandoned, sick, orphaned babies and terminally-ill children. Occasional charge for volunteers.

West Anchorage Children’s Home (Jamaica)This web armpit describes this home breadth about eighty disabled children, ages three to 27, reside. Volunteers abetment with circadian accepted care, instruction, added ways. Accurate therapists can abetment the Jamaican therapist and administering in exercise programs for the children.

Widow’s Mite (Jamaica)Located some 90 afar arctic west of Kingston, Murray Mount represents Mustard Seed’s aboriginal home for alone bedridden accouchement alfresco Kingston and St. Catherine.

Word Fabricated Flesh (Bolivia, Brazil, India, Nepal, Peru, Romania, and Thailand)We are alleged by Jesus Christ to bearing communities which convenance the attendance and announcement of the Commonwealth of God amid the atomic of the poor. 2 to 5 anniversary Discovery Teams are heavily exposure-based and discipleship oriented, advised to accessible the eyes and aerial of Western Christians to the adversity of the poor. 4-month Servant Teams are opportunities for adolescent men and women to apprentice about the ethics of the Commonwealth of God through association living, discipleship, internship, research, and ministry.

World Harvest Ministries (India)Orphanage and Old Age Home in the apple of Kakinada cares for over 120 children. Academy acquaint in English and built-in language. Affiliated hospital and berth beggarly that doctors, nurses, and amusing workers are amidst those bare to help, alike abbreviate term.

World OrphansWorld Orphans rescues orphaned and alone accouchement by allotment the apartment adapted for bounded churches to accommodated the spiritual, physical, social, educational and bread-and-butter needs of the children. We are in 23 countries with over 100 orphanages. Volunteers accustomed in abounding of these orphanages. Skills: medical, construction, arts, language, any easily on skills, kids amusement or any added passions of volunteers.

Worldwide Accepting Missions (Mumbai, Sikkim, Bhilai, Vishakhapatnam, India; Klaeng, Thailand)We acquire been architecture and operating children’s homes in India for the aftermost 32 years. We currently affliction for aproximately 200 orphans in four Homes in India, and in Thailand.

Yezelalem Minch Children’s Home (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) (Scroll bottomward web folio to acquisition the Home)Home for AIDS orphan, and a “pilot” home for what we adjure will be a arrangement of home-based orphanages. Addis has added than 100,000 AIDS orphans. Volunteers welcomed, including basal architecture work-crews to advice us expand. Email here.

XuZhou Home of Achievement (Gongyi, Henan, China, PRC)One of a actual few foreign-run orphanages in China, we acquire been accustomed the befalling to adulation and affliction for the alone accouchement of GongYi. The little ones from all kinds of backgrounds and acquire accomplished abhorrent tragedies and hardships in their abbreviate lives. Afterwards our action they acquire little achievement of a future. Their choices are actual bound if they alike achieve it to boyhood at all. Appointment our web armpit to apprentice how you can help.

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girls wall decals – Google Search | Painted love | Pinterest .. – childrens bedroom wall stickers uk

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