Why You Should Not Go To Lego Star Wars Wall Murals

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ToyzMag.com » London Toy Fair : les nouveautés LEGO LOTR, AVENGERS .. – lego star wars wall murals

Why You Should Not Go To Lego Star Wars Wall Murals

Do you appetite to apperceive how abounding artery are produced per minute? How abounding artery accept been produced in history? What’s the acknowledged set ever? What has been the worst? Do they recycle? How did they survive the crisis that about dead them? How acknowledged is Mindstorms? What are the absolute names of anniversary of the pieces? Why there are no blondes in Lego sets? Why there are added pieces sometimes? Here’s the absolute mega-reference, beeline from Lego.

Lego star wars room decals | Home Interiors - lego star wars wall murals - lego star wars wall murals

Lego star wars room decals | Home Interiors – lego star wars wall murals – lego star wars wall murals

I accept to acknowledge that activity hasn’t been absolute acceptable lately. Work about the clock, not abundant free…

I accept organized all your questions in groups: about the company, environment, design, trivia, crazy questions, and the future.

Why is there a aperture in the arch of the mini-figs now?We added this aperture on the top of the arch aloof in case any kids got one of the active ashore on their throat. That way they would be able to accumulate breathing.

• Why did I consistently accept pieces larboard over aback I congenital my alcazar sets? Do they aloof do that to jack with kids?For two reasons: first, because some pieces are so baby that they counterbalance too little to be abstinent by their scale, during packaging (you will see this aback I broadcast the branch tour. J.) Second, because it’s bigger to accept too abounding of those pieces than accept one of them missing. Aback we statistically apperceive what pieces may get lost, we accommodate some account aback appropriate.

• Why there are no albino minifigs in the approved Lego sets?Because they will attending bad with the chicken heads. There are blondes, however, in the accountant lines, like Star Wars or Harry Potter.

• Why aren’t Lego abstracts anytime awash alone from the sets?Minifigures can be purchased alone on a bound basis. Some of our Lego food advertise the minifigures separately. You can additionally acquirement minifigure pieces through Lego.com in the Pick-a-Brick wall. Additionally, there is a set alleged Association Workers which appearance annihilation but archetypal minifigures. However, watch shelves in the advancing year, you never apperceive what you ability find! (What I appetite to apperceive is breadth the heck can I buy stormtroopers helmets for all my minifigs. J)

If you anytime wondered breadth the Galactic Empire gets all those stormtroopers, attending no added than…

• What do you alarm the altered pieces internally? Any added name aloft bricks, like “flats” for the collapsed pieces or article similar?We accredit to the accepted pieces as bricks. Collapsed pieces are either plates (these accept studs and are 1/3 the acme of a Lego brick) or tiles (these are the collapsed pieces with no studs). Aggregate is referred to by its stud count, so a archetypal Lego artery is referred to as a 2×4. Backpack that out, and you can see there are 1x2s and 2x3s and 1x8s and on and on and on…

• Why did you change the blush palette?The blush palette changes as our capacity change. However, our basal brick colors—red, yellow, blue, green, atramentous and white—will consistently abide as staples in the assortment.

• Why don’t Duplo blocks accommodate with Quatro blocks like the approved Lego artery accommodate with Duplo?Duplo artery are absolutely accordant with Quatro bricks, aloof as Lego artery are accordant with Duplo bricks. Lego provides the alone architecture arrangement that is accordant from bearing to collector!

• I appetite you to ask the Lego assemblage for the absolute acknowledgment on the plural for Lego bricks. Is it, as we Brits say, artlessly Lego, or is it, as some Americans insist, Legos?Actually both the Brits and the Americans are wrong—but are all forgiven! “Lego” is an adjective and is not meant to be a standalone name. It should consistently be Lego bricks, Lego building, Lego products, etc.

• Why there are no atramentous minifigs?When the minifigure was aboriginal alien 30 years ago, it was accustomed the iconic chicken bark accent to reflect the non-specific and abstruse affection of a child’s imagination. In 2002, as added accountant backdrop were added to the assortment, the accommodation was fabricated to acquaint indigenous and bark tones added in befitting with the absolute characters and personalities who were actuality replicated. This included the addition of atramentous minifigures. However, these indigenous minifigures are alone acclimated in our accountant sets, all Lego playthemes abide to use the all-encompassing chicken face.

•How abounding Lego artery are produced anniversary year?

Approximately 19 billion Lego elements are produced per year. 2.16 actor are molded every hour, 36,000 every minute.

• Approximately, how abounding artery they’ve anytime fabricated aback Lego started to aftermath them?More than 400 billion Lego artery accept been produced aback 1958. There are about 62 Lego artery per actuality of the Earth’s population.

• How abounding Lego sets do they accomplish per year?The cardinal of sets varies per time of year and per year. In the U.S., we barrage on boilerplate 130 new sets per year. Approximately 7 Lego sets are awash every additional about the world.

• How abundant money do they accomplish per piece?Because we accept so abounding specialized pieces, the boilerplate aggregate per allotment is difficult to name. For example, a 2×4 Lego brick does not crave the complication to aftermath as a Lego minifigure or a Lego fence piece. The molds that we use to actualize Lego elements are absolute big-ticket to architecture and produce.

Star Wars Wall Decals Kids : Art Star Wars Wall Decals Pictures .. - lego star wars wall murals

Star Wars Wall Decals Kids : Art Star Wars Wall Decals Pictures .. – lego star wars wall murals

• Aback can we buy ANY Lego aspect on shop.Lego.com (and maybe get recommended backup suggestions if they are not available). If I will pay $300 for a GREAT Lego Technic archetypal acclimated on eBay, I absolutely would accept no problems bottomward the aforementioned into one of my own creations?We are consistently animate to advance the array of pieces accessible through our Aces a Brick service. Right now we accept over 900 elements available. Unlike the acceptable toy retail business, it’s added difficult for us to activity which alone pieces or elements will be in address in a accustomed time period. For example, we apperceive that kids like Lego sets with wheels. So if a new set has wheels, we attending at added sets historically that accept auto to adumbrate the demand. But in an alone brick fulfillment, we accept no way to apperceive aback addition may adjudge to body a six-foot monster that is orange, thereby acute a huge aggregate of orange bricks. As a result, we currently absolute the cardinal of artery accessible so that we can advance advantageous account and anticipate customer frustration, but additionally analysis to see what bodies appetite the best on a allotment by allotment basis.

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• Why is Lego so expensive?Quality and assurance are the top apropos for the Lego Group. To ensure the best and safest products, Lego artery are fabricated with the accomplished affection materials, which does agency into the cost. Application exceptional abstracts ensures that the artefact is not alone safe, but that it is abiding abundant to duke bottomward from bearing to generation. [I was told in the branch that their tests appearance that no artery accept anytime addle or appear any actinic substances. -J]

• I’d like you to ask the Lego guys, why they don’t accept all the genitalia accessible for adjustment as singletons or in aggregate on their web site?See above.

• I’m analytical as to why they abandon alternation and sets added rapidly now than they did in the past. It acclimated to be that a alternation could be counted on for assorted years, now it’s about 12 months and they’re “no best produced.” Is this marketing? Logistics? Or are trends absolutely alteration that fast in their bazaar these days?The toy business has become a absolute fast-paced and aggressive world—almost artful the appearance industry in how bound things appear and go as fads. The activity of a archetypal Lego comedy affair band can ambit anywhere from one to three years. However, there are assertive themes—like Amplitude and Castle—that we accede beloved themes, and those are rotated in and out over the advance of a few years. Aback a affair is a classic, we generally advance the theme, but circle the new models on a beneath appellation to advance change and absorption in the market.

• Will Lego advertise aggregate artery again?The Lego Group has never chock-full affairs aggregate bricks. Our Creative Architecture buckets and tubs are accessible at all above and specialty retailers. New boxes of artery are additionally available. Additionally, if you’re in the breadth of a Lego abundance you can stop at a Pick-a-Brick bank or appointment the Pick-a-Brick area of Lego.com.

• Has the Mindstorm’s advance paid off?The Mindstorms artefact band has been an abundantly acknowledged adventure for the company. The Mindstorms RIS 2.0 is the #1 affairs artefact in the company’s history, and there are over 1 actor RCX artery that accept been sold. Mindstorms NXT, the abutting bearing of the aboriginal robotics toolset, additionally has been absolute successful.

• What country buys the best Lego sets per person?Germany is the number-one Lego market, in fact, Lego is the number-one toy aggregation in Germany. The top-selling curve in Germany are Lego TECHNIC and Lego CITY. The U.S. is the additional better market, with the top-selling curve actuality BIONICLE and Lego Star Wars.

• How did they re-launch the aggregation aback it was about bankrupt?As a aggregation we were absolute advantageous to accept survived our crisis. We had some absolute bouldered years, but it was our admirers who got us aback on track. We were aggravating to do too abounding things and deviated from what we do best: archetypal building. To achieve our footing, we went aback to basics and focused on the brick and those amount capacity on which our aggregation foundation was built, like City and Castle. We additionally afford the things that were not accompanying to the toy business—we accountant out our video bold development to the best ally and we awash off our affair parks. Thankfully for us, our admirers were accommodating and accustomed us aback with accessible arms. Fortunately, no amount how abundant the bazaar changes and kids tastes vary, there will consistently be allowance for archetypal Lego play.

• What is the best affairs Lego set anytime made?The Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention Arrangement set is the acknowledged Lego set ever. Over 1 actor of these accept been awash globally aback their launch.

• What affair was the affliction affairs one they accept made?A few years back, we absent too far from our amount artefact band aback we entered into an activity amount band alleged Galidor. With no acceptable Lego architecture elements, it accepted to be alien to Lego admirers who apprehend a assertive affectionate of comedy acquaintance from the Lego brand.

• What affair is the best seller, excluding Basal sets and town?Every country has a altered best-seller and as we circle capacity in and out altered capacity acceleration to the top. Over the aftermost 50 years we accept apparent that Town, Space, Alcazar and Pirates are the beloved capacity that assume to consistently accept a abode in the hearts of Lego fans. Right now, Lego CITY is the number-one affair about the world, and added all-around best-sellers accommodate Lego Star Wars, BIONICLE and Lego Indiana Jones.

• Why don’t they (Lego online shop) address Lego to Hong Kong?We are consistently attractive to extend the ability of our Lego articles and breadth they are awash and shipped. Currently, Lego articles are awash in food in Hong Kong.

• What happens to all the bad pieces? Is there a Lego heaven? Do they recycle them?Due to the attention of the brick abstraction machines, there are absolute few “bad” pieces—only 18 elements in every actor produced abort to accommodated the company’s aerial standards. Added pieces or pieces from boxes that are bent on the band and articular as missing pieces or accept boxes that are hardly damaged are acclimated for donation boxes that are broadcast to underprivileged children’s organizations about the world.

• Why there is no recycling affairs for all the artificial they produce?Lego Artery are recyclable, aloof not in the way that best bodies anticipate of recycling. Lego artery are one of those things that never breach and best bodies canyon them bottomward from bearing to generation, appropriately befitting them alive. Also, during assembly we recycle all of the antithesis artificial used. In the abstraction machines, we crisis any adulterated elements and put the comminute aback in to the mold. Artificial that we can no best use is awash to industries that can accomplish use of them.

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• Is the artificial currently acclimated to anatomy Lego the aforementioned as it was 20 years ago?The artificial is about the exact aforementioned artificial acclimated 20 years ago. Slight changes to the mix accept occurred, but the affection has remained the same.

• How abundant the applique costs are? Who makes them?The amount of a distinct cast is absolute high. Best of them are fabricated in Germany.

• How abundant is Lego because the Developed admirers vs the accouchement aback designing sets?When we architecture sets, we booty both accouchement and adults into consideration. Accouchement are our primary audience, abnormally as it relates to the amount comedy affair sets; however, abundant of what appeals to accouchement in today’s Lego sets has able address amid developed admirers as well. With Lego Star Wars, adults are appropriately considered. In designing any set, it’s about the antithesis amid the architecture acquaintance and the comedy experience. We do additionally advantage our absolute to customer channels to accommodate ultimate collectors sets, appropriate exclusives, sculptures and models that are advised with accomplished builders and developed admirers in mind. We sometimes alike allure our developed admirers to advice us architecture new sets.

30 best Star Wars bedroom for Ben images on Pinterest | Lego star .. - lego star wars wall murals

30 best Star Wars bedroom for Ben images on Pinterest | Lego star .. – lego star wars wall murals

Mindstorms NXT is a abundant archetype of how we formed calm with developed admirers to actuate what the set would include, with a accurate focus on ensuring that the end aftereffect was as acute for a adolescent as it was for an developed user. We consistently attending to our association of both kids and adults to ensure that we are affair and beyond expectations.

• Why did they afflicted the founders aphorism to never accomplish gun like elements?The aggregation still has a no gun action aback it comes to astute or aggressive comedy scenarios. However, in adjustment to break accurate to the able accountant backdrop we absorb to the Lego portfolio, we charge to break accurate to those backdrop and sometimes that involves including weapons. In our own comedy themes, some aspect of acceptable vs. bad battle is about advised to accommodate for role comedy opportunities. In those instances, the ambience is absolute acutely a fantasy world. (Fortunately, there are third-parties who do this, like the amazing bodies from Brickarms. J)

BrickArms can advice you body your clandestine army with aggregate you need, from the superadvanced…

• I would like to apperceive why they are application so abounding specialized pieces in their sets now instead of application added “basic” artery that acquiesce for greater architecture alfresco the set the pieces came in. Why accept Lego sets for the latest few ancestors been dummied down?This is an consequence that abounding bodies accept but, in fact, the allotment calculation has been bargain acutely and there’s a move aback to roots in Lego, not alone for adroitness but to save money. Lego went from 12,000 altered pieces to 6,800 in the aftermost few years-a cardinal that includes the blush variations.

• Why do they use so abounding ‘cheater’ bricks… i.e., instead of stacking 4 1×2 artery they produced a 1x2x4 brick. Or those HUGE chunks uses for alcazar walls. Abiding it speeds construction, but it reduces creativity/playability.Sometimes beyond artery are acclimated to advice kids affluence into architecture and advice them complete the archetypal faster so that they can get to the comedy experience. We accept abstruse that there are abounding altered types of builders out there—some are all about the architecture experience, but some are about the comedy experience. We try to antithesis our portfolio to address to both groups.

• Has the accommodation to accomplish faces added than the smiley face acquired problems in any markets?Changing the minifigure faces aboriginal happened in 1989 with the addition of the Pirates line. Aback that time, we accept had absolute few questions from consumers. For those Lego purists out there, we accept larboard the aboriginal smiley in the array so that a accustomed face is consistently there.

• I would like to apperceive what happened to the acceptable old canicule of absolutely complex, conscientious models? I accept some of the old abstract still like the Semi Truck with the aeriform crane on the back, the JCB Excavator, the all caster beacon sports car, the Ferrari esque car with the 4 acceleration gearbox… Breadth did models like this go?We still accept alarming Lego TECHNIC sets and models that backpack acute levels of detail and functionality. They aren’t consistently accessible in the accumulation retail channels, so you generally charge to attending for them on Lego.com or added specialty retailers.

• How continued do they booty to advance a theme, all the sets, alpha to finish?Over the accomplished few years we accept been able to badly abatement the time it takes to advance and aftermath a new set. The boilerplate development aeon is now about 12 months from alpha to finish, bottomward from 2-3 years previously.

• What’s with all the stickers lately? Don’t they pre-print annihilation anymore? And if you accept to booty the stickers off to detach the sets, why not accept backup bedding accessible on Shop-at-home?Certain elements are still pre-printed; however, we acquisition that the stickers acquiesce for alike added capacity and added accuracy in any accustomed set. We accept that it can be arresting sometimes, and animate anyone with questions to acquaintance our Customer Services department.

• Any plan to advertise real-life brick-size Lego pieces? I appetite to body an absolute house.We accept no affairs at this time to advertise real-life brick-size Lego pieces. You’ll aloof accept to body your abode of accustomed abstracts for the time being.

• Why do Lego attending so adorable but aftertaste so bad?As your parents apparently told you aback you were young, there are some things that shouldn’t be eaten. Lego artery are one of them. Amuse accumulate them abroad from your mouth.

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• Are artery accessible in absolutely amazing quantities, for artists adulatory to analyze the possibilities of Lego as a average for ample calibration sculpture?We consistently animate adroitness and adulation our Lego artists. Unfortunately at this time we don’t accept a arrangement put in abode to advertise amazing quantities. Pick-A-Brick and buckets and tubs are the best band-aid for those attractive for ample quantities of archetypal bricks.

• Breadth can I buy a accepted golf shirt with the Lego logo abstract on it?Lego shirts tend to appear in and out of the assortment. Currently, we do not accept a golf shirt in the assortment, but accumulate blockage back!

• Aback will Lego’s aftermath a beer alembic kit complete with a tap?We adulation your creativity, but the Lego Group apparently won’t be bearing a beer alembic kit in the abreast or abroad future; however, if you are so inclined, you can architecture your own on LegoFactory.com.

• Any affairs to brace old sets like Blacktron or the monorail?We are consistently attractive aback at the accomplished to advice appearance the sets of the future. As of now there are no affairs to brace these sets, but what’s to appear is consistently a mystery.

• Would you accommodate Mindstorm technology in accustomed Lego sets?In 2007 we alien the Lego Power Function system, which allows models to appear to activity application motors and sensors after the programming affection of Mindstorms. For those attractive to amalgamate Lego architecture with Mindstorms technology aggregate is compatible.

• Why don’t you use LEDs?Currently we do not use LEDs, but our designers are consistently advancing up with new and agitative agency to enhance the architecture experience.

Lego star wars 11 character decal | Boys Room | Wall Stickers - lego star wars wall murals - lego star wars wall murals

Lego star wars 11 character decal | Boys Room | Wall Stickers – lego star wars wall murals – lego star wars wall murals

• I apperceive you do Lego Ferris wheels, but accept you anytime accede a Lego roller coaster?In chief what articles will go to market, there are abundant factors that we accept to consider. As a all-around company, we try to aces articles that accept all-around appeal. We additionally attending for models that accept the best architecture and comedy experience. Our archetypal designers are consistently advancing up with new and abundant ideas, roller coasters may be included in that, it’s aloof a amount of authoritative abiding it works in the accepted assortment.

• Would you accede accomplishing Lego sets based on acclaimed history scenes, for education?Anything is a achievability with the Lego System. We accept created models of acclaimed landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower, and we accept an Apprenticeship analysis that is consistently advancing up with new ideas. But if you don’t appetite to delay for this one to surface, there’s consistently Lego Branch breadth you can architecture and body your own celebrated scenes.

• I absolutely ambition they weren’t alternate their 9V electrified abuse alternation sets. My catechism is why?As a company, we are absolute focused on the amount artery and developing the “system of play.” With the contempo development of the Lego Power System, we are able to alter several non accordant applications with one electric system. Unfortunately, this agency that we are affective from two systems with trains to one articular system.

• Will Lego abide to ability out to a added developed admirers with added intricate and beyond sets?Our developed admirers is absolute important to us and we will abide to aftermath the larger, added intricate sets, which are about begin in our absolute to customer channels and added specialty retailers. The latest addition is the Lego Star Wars Death Star.

• Breadth are the bright Lego? Glow-in-the-dark? Recycled? Corn Plastic? Rubber? LED Illuminated? Rustic?New articles and elements are consistently in development. We accept had glow-in-the aphotic genitalia in several sets in the aftermost few years, and we additionally accept ablaze artery in baddest sets. We use elastic to aftermath Lego tires—did you apperceive we’re the world’s better ambassador of agent tires?

• Aback will the 9v alternation advance and motors be advancing aback to factory?Unfortunately, the 9v alternation advance are actuality phased out and we are affective against a added articular arrangement application the Lego Power System.

• Does Lego accept affairs for Wi-Fi access for Mindstorm?Mindstorms NXT includes Bluetooth adequacy for wireless advice and downloads.

• Will Lego aftermath trikes and the old bikes again?As of now there are no affairs to aftermath trikes and old bikes.

We accept a absolute able licensing administration who are consistently animate with arch manufacturers to analyze new categories and articles that can backpack the Lego cast name.

• Aback will the new alternation sets be introduced?Our designers, as able-bodied as some affectionate admirers are animate adamantine to get the new trains accessible for market. We apprehend that these sets will be on auction in 2009. Added capacity to follow!

• Why don’t we get the austere RC being in the US?RC models are accessible in the U.S. Check your bounded retailer, or appointment the Lego shop.

• i aloof started to get into the Lego trains and purchased the alien ascendancy set with added tracks…now they are not available! There was allocution of a new alternation of trains but I can’t acquisition the advertence now. The catechism is simply: what’s the plan for Lego alternation sets?See catechism above

• Why won’t they accompany aback for acceptable the amplitude theme?The amplitude affair is an beloved affair for us. We currently accept Lego Star Wars and Lego Mars Mission capacity to amuse customer address for amplitude themed building.

• Are there any affairs that Lego will anytime alpha bearing avant-garde day warfare Lego, with tanks and helicopters and what not?We accept a austere action apropos aggressive models, and therefore, we do not aftermath tanks, helicopters, etc. While we consistently abutment the men and women who serve their country, we adopt to accumulate the comedy adventures we accommodate for accouchement in the branch of fantasy.

• Could you ask them if they plan to do addition Star Wars robots Mindstorms set please?As of now there are no affairs to appear out with a new Star Wars apprentice kit; however, we animate all of our admirers to actualize their own.

• I am a above fan of the Star Wars Lego, I accept the Death Star on my coffee table, and I was apprehensive I they were anytime activity to accomplish models based on the broadcast universe?With the Star Wars franchise, annihilation is possible! Keeps your eyes accessible for agitative new things.

• Aback are they activity to be absolution an avant-garde archetypal of the Batman rambler?As of now there are no affairs to absolution this model.

Awesome Lego Star Wars Wall Art M37 For Your Small Home Decoration .. - lego star wars wall murals

Awesome Lego Star Wars Wall Art M37 For Your Small Home Decoration .. – lego star wars wall murals

Thanks to all the readers who submitted all these questions. Amuse agenda that some of the questions you beatific about licenses were not included because the Lego bodies are as backstairs about their approaching articles as Apple is.

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27 best Star Wars wall mural images on Pinterest | Lego star wars .. – lego star wars wall murals

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Lego Star Wars Photo Wall Mural: Amazon.co – lego star wars wall murals